December 22nd, 2017



I hope you enjoy this special Christmas video edition of my weekly update from Madison!  Click on the photo above to get started with a short Christmas greeting from my family to yours.


In Wisconsin, as in these United States, I think we have more in common as a people than we have that divides us.  I'm looking forward to serving you in the new year ahead and working on more big ideas that will keep making our beautiful state an even better place to live and work.


Merry Christmas; happy holidays; and God bless you and those you hold dear this season!


On the 12 Days of Christmas, Your State Reps. Did for Thee...



If you're a regular reader of my newsletter, then you already know that your state legislature has taken many steps this year to keep Wisconsin moving in the right direction; to invest in our children's future; to keep government limited only to what is necessary; and to put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs.  Click on the photo above to hear us recap the highlights!


Stop By Someday and See It For Yourself!


Did you know that the Wisconsin Capitol Christmas Tree drinks a five-gallon bucket of water every day?  The grounds crew even drills a few holes in the tree trunk to help the tree drink additional water.  And contrary to popular belief, no... we can't just unscrew the top of the Capitol dome and drop the tree in with a helicopter; in reality, it takes many hands to carefully haul it inside and make it look just so.  Click on the photo above to watch the full behind-the-scenes documentary video (this one is longer, about 15 minutes) of the setup, decoration and lighting of the 2017 tree!




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