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 November 6, 2020




The people of Wisconsin have spoken.  A strong majority of Republicans will serve you over the next two years in the Wisconsin statehouse.  I'm honored that you chose me to represent you again.


If you're a regular reader of this newsletter, welcome back!  You may recall that state law prohibited me from using this tool until Election Day had passed to keep you up to date.  And if you're a new reader, welcome aboard!  I'll do my best to share with you what we're working on and how your state government is working for you.  Please be encouraged to reply by email or give me a call as often as you like to to ask questions or let me know what's on your mind.  I want to know what you think, and I want to help!


You don't need me to tell you that 2020 has been an incredible challenge.  (Anybody else ready to put up the Christmas tree and just call it a year?)  In the months ahead, we'll need more than ever to focus on our health and well-being; on returning to the pro-growth policies that fed our state's booming economy and job growth over the past decade; and on passing another responsible budget that funds priorities such as health care and education in smart, sustainable ways.


There are a few things I won't do.  I won't stand for defunding our police or abandoning our communities.  (By the way, I look forward to the day soon when we can take the plywood off of the Capitol windows again.)  I do not support shutting down our state again.  I do not support making you pay higher taxes to sustain government at a time when so many households have struggled to pay their bills this year.


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I'm also eager to get to work with some new men and women who will be serving in the Legislature for the first time.  Six new GOP faces have filled Assembly vacancies created by retirements or, in a few cases, elections to the State Senate.  Each brings his or her own perspective to the people's house, and each will be a valuable teammate.


Now get out there and enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead!


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Home of the Brave

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Every year on November 11th, America officially says thank you to the men and women who have worn the uniform of our country.  (Did you know?  This day of remembrance was first known as Armistice Day, after World War I, and then became Veterans Day in 1954.  We've been marking this day for more than 100 years!)


America loves her servicemembers, and this week, Forbes published a long list of American businesses who will say thanks by offering a day of sales discounts, free meals or free admission for veterans and active military.


I'm a few days early, but... THANK YOU, brave heroes!



Learn Something New



The Department of Natural Resources has expanded its menu of safety education courses.  Some outdoor recreation activities such as hunting, boating, snowmobiling and ATV riding require that you first pass a safety course before participating.  (Note that these and many other outdoor activities have exploded in popularity this year!)  In addition to traditional in-person courses, which have been in short supply or even unavailable altogether this year, the DNR now offers online-only versions of several safety courses that enable students to complete their education requirements without leaving home.


The classes aren't just for kids, and in some instances, there is more than one option provided that you may choose from depending on your experience level.  For example, the hunter's education course (required to obtain a hunting license, and which also counts as the education component required to obtain a concealed carry permit) is now available as an online-only course, as a hybrid online/in-person combination, or entirely in-person; students are advised to choose whichever option best fits their needs.


It's easier than ever to obtain your certifications, and the prices of the courses are modest.  Learn more here!



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