June 28, 2019
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Crossing the Budget Finish Line

The budget that was put together by the Joint Finance Committee passed the floor in both houses this week. The bill now heads to Governor Tony Evers' desk for a signature, partial veto or full veto.

I strongly urge him to sign this bill in its entirety for the same reasons that I told you I was voting yes in last week's e-update.

  • Provided Wisconsin taxpayers with an income tax cut of nearly $500 million.
  • Increased funding for nursing homes, personal care workers and direct care workers more than the Governor proposed.
  • Increased investments in both the UW-System and technical colleges, while continuing the tuition freeze.
  • Targeted investments in workforce training programs to connect more skilled workers with employers.
  • Increased school funding by $500 million and provided the same per pupil increase that he proposed.

This is a very good budget that funds the priorities of Wisconsinites, not a liberal wish list, in a fiscally responsible manner. In fact, because we were able to rein in the Governor's spending, we were also able to protect the state in case of an economic downturn by nearly doubling the state's "rainy day fund".

I believe this budget is good for all Wisconsinites and I hope that the Governor sees what we accomplished for Wisconsin's students, seniors, taxpayers and businesses, and signs this bill!

As always, I encourage you to follow my updates on social media or contact my office directly with your questions. Best wishes on your weekend!

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Record Low Unemployment Continues

The most recent data puts Wisconsin's unemployment rate at just 2.8%. This means that Wisconsin continues its streak of record unemployment by maintaining an unemployment rate of 3% or less for the 16th straight month! It is clear that the reforms made over the last eight years by Republicans have made a positive impact for hard-working families in Wisconsin, and we need to continue moving Wisconsin forward.

Thank you for Giving Your Voice

I want to thank everyone who returned a survey and gave their opinions on the issues affecting the Sheboygan area and our state. My office received over 800 responses both electronically and through mail. Because you gave your voices, I knew which priorities you wanted addressed in the budget and throughout this legislative session. Thank you!

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