July 26, 2019

Fixing Wisconsin's Roads

In last week's e-update, I explained why the investments made in Health Services were vital for the people of Wisconsin. This week I want to highlight the funding that was provided for Wisconsin's roads and infrastructure.

The budget passed by the legislature authorized a nearly $400 million increase for transportation spending without raising the gas tax. This is a significant increase into infrastructure that is vital to Wisconsin's economy, while also keeping borrowing historically low. 

The legislature also increased local road aids by 10% and funding for local road construction by $90 million. These investments give local governments the tools they need to improve and maintain the roads that a majority of Wisconsinites drive on.

Unfortunately, Governor Tony Evers used his veto pen to reduce this number by $15 million and potentially allow this money to be diverted to fund transit projects in Wisconsin's urban centers. These projects, such as bike paths and mass transit in Madison and Milwaukee, should not be prioritized over the roads in other parts of the state. Governor Evers also removed any restrictions on this money, which creates a DOT slush fund of $75 million instead of directing it to local roads as intended.

We have consistently heard from you, the people of Wisconsin, that we need to make real progress on improving our state's roads. Yet, the Governor would rather fund transit projects in just two cities, rather than ensuring that local communities throughout Wisconsin have quality roads. A well-built and modern infrastructure system is important to Sheboygan County and the state as a whole.

As always, I encourage you to follow my updates on social media or contact my office directly with your questions. Best wishes on your weekend!

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Record Unemployment Continues

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate was 2.9 percent for the month of June. That makes June the 17th straight month of the jobless rate at or below 3 percent.

Additionally, the state added nearly 12,000 non-farm jobs last month, which is a strong economic indicator showing Wisconsin has an improved business climate that has a real benefit for Wisconsinites and the state economy.


Holland Festival

This weekend is the 72nd Annual Holland Festival in Cedar Grove. This festival celebrates the Dutch roots of our community in a family friendly way. Come for the amazing food and stay for the wooden shoe race. It will be a fun time and all will be "welkom!"

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