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 January 29, 2021


In recent weeks, I have received an increase in calls and emails from constituents requesting information about how and when they will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. While I have shared the information available to me (more on this below!), the real truth is that the information available is dismal. The Evers Administration continues to lack a plan, which has been demonstrated in our poor ranking among other states in vaccine rollout. As your representative in Madison, I won't just sit back and let the state continue to fail our citizens.


This week, I joined my colleagues in voting for Assembly Bill (AB) 5, which will increase information and access to COVID-19 vaccines. 


A key provision of the bill requires the Department of Health Services (DHS) to formulate a plan for vaccinating the general public and submit it to the Legislature this spring. Additionally, DHS would be required to establish a statewide, centralized and publicly available platform to disseminate COVID-19 vaccine information. Having a 'one-stop-shop' will enable folks, regardless of where in Wisconsin they live, to learn when, where and how to sign up and receive the vaccine.


AB 5 also requires people over the age of 60 to receive the highest priority for vaccination. According to data from DHS, individuals over 60 years of age represent approximately 79% of hospitalizations and 92% of deaths from COVID-19 in our state. Ensuring this age group is prioritized is a common-sense measure to help save lives. 


Finally, an amendment to the bill requires that DHS request the entire amount of vaccine allocated to our state from the federal distribution system, until the demand for the vaccine is fully satisfied. With less than 2% of our population having received the full vaccine series, we shouldn't be leaving any of this resource on the table until everyone who wants a vaccine has received it. 



As this map shows, this legislation is particularly timely, as we received news this week that, according to the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Wisconsin ranks 48th out of 50 states for percentage of vaccinations administered.


Make no mistake: this metric does not factor the amount of vaccine that we have received from the federal government. It simply measures, of the vaccines received, how many have been administered to patients. 


Our vaccination plan is long overdue. Assembly Bill 5 gets us that much closer to ensuring that folks in our state have information and access to COVID-19 vaccines.

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Vaccination Information


Despite the lack of statewide planning, our community is blessed to have capable and thoughtful local health providers who are working diligently to roll out vaccines in our community. 


Several healthcare facilities in the area, including Prevea Health, Aurora, Meijer Pharmacy, Lakeshore Community Health Care and Ascension Medical Group have published information on their vaccination efforts, including how to schedule a vaccine appointment. 


Additionally, Public Health Sheboygan County created an e-update for adults 65 years and older to receive information directly to their email about COVID-19 vaccines. Sign up here


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