January 26th, 2018


Meet Mr. Roy Pirrung, our very own Hometown Hero!  Roy, in the center of the photo, is quite a guy.  He has run 150 marathons; 206 ultra-marathons (apparently somebody thought regular marathons weren't hard enough and invented a more difficult kind); and owns three Guinness World Records.  He's a combat veteran, having served our country with distinction.  He has raised many thousands of dollars for charities such as the American Cancer Society.  Roy and his family live in Plymouth and volunteer all over Sheboygan County -- at the food bank, at the Special Olympics, at the YMCA and at Meals on Wheels.  This week, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Representative Tyler Vorpagel (R-Plymouth) and I had the honor of presenting Roy with the Assembly Hometown Hero Award.  His achievements and his service are a tremendous inspiration and a wonderful asset in our communities.  Well done, Roy!


Don't forget to come visit me at public listening sessions that we're hosting in several locations on Monday!  I'll be at UW-Sheboygan at 1:30 PM and then at Adell Village Hall at 3:00 PM.  Come let us know in person what's on your mind!


As always, I encourage you to follow my updates on social media or contact my office directly with your questions.  Best wishes on your weekend!


The State of Our State?  Never Better!


Governor Scott Walker delivered his annual State of the State Address this week.  I couldn't agree more with his assessment: Wisconsin is historically strong!  No matter how you try to spin it, more actual dollars are invested in our K-12 schools this year than ever before, and even more new support is on its way for low-spending school districts such as those in Sheboygan County.  University of Wisconsin tuition remains frozen, keeping college affordable.  There is no state-level property tax at all anymore.  And the most important economic development project our state has ever seen is underway.  It's been a great year -- and we have an ambitious agenda for 2018 and beyond to keep up the momentum!


Click here to watch the video or read the transcript of the Governor's speech; click here to read my full statement; and click on the photo (below) to watch my immediate reaction to the highlights!



Consumer Alert: Data Privacy Day


Sunday, January 28th is officially Data Privacy Day in Wisconsin.  Maybe you laughed at first (I did too), but it may not be a bad idea to think purposefully about your online "footprint" and take steps every so often to protect yourself and protect your data.  Here are a few ideas suggested by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection:


  • Make use of the latest operating system updates and antivirus updates that your electronic device recommends.  This is always important but has become an even bigger deal in the past few weeks in the wake of a major security breach.  When your computer or phone tells you to download updates, do it!


  • Go through your social media accounts and your devices.  Consider deleting apps that you no longer use; review privacy settings for the ones you do want to keep.  You might be surprised at how many of these apps are able to use your device's camera, its GPS, its cellular and Bluetooth capabilities, etc.


  • Update your passwords!  Do it frequently!  The best passwords are "long and strong," using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols.  Try not to use the same password for multiple sensitive accounts.




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