December 6, 2019

Bipartisan Bills Vetoed

In a system of checks and balances, the governor of Wisconsin has the power to veto legislation sent to his desk. When the governor vetoes legislation, it will not become law unless two-thirds of the legislature votes to override the veto. Recently, Governor Tony Evers struck down important legislation that directly benefits the people of Wisconsin, specifically Assembly Bill (AB) 76 and Senate Bill (SB) 60.

AB 76, which reduces Wisconsin’s requirement for nurse aides’ instructional program to equal the federal requirement, is vital to help fill the 1 in 5 unfulfilled caregiver positions in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Governor Evers vetoed this bill that received votes from both Democrats and Republicans and would have helped ensure access to quality care and eliminate barriers to a fulfilling career for aspiring caregivers.

Governor Evers also vetoed SB 60, a bill meant to stop the practice of placing sexually violent offenders into counties other than the offender's county of residence. Oftentimes, sexually violent offenders from urban areas are unfairly placed in rural counties throughout Wisconsin. These rural communities deserve to remain safe and free from offenders that have no ties to the community. Despite a unanimous bipartisan committee vote on this bill, Governor Evers could not find common ground with the legislature on this issue. 

I find it disappointing that he would refuse to enact bipartisan legislation that is truly good for the people of Wisconsin.

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Capitol Christmas Tree

The Wisconsin State Capitol Christmas Tree, a 30-foot Balsam Fir from Medford, Wisconsin, is currently on display in the Capitol. The tree traveled nearly 200 miles to Madison to be decorated with handmade ornaments from students throughout Wisconsin. 

With many events happening throughout the Capitol, the Christmas season is a great time to visit the Capitol. Click here for more details.


Remember Pearl Harbor

Seventy-eight years ago, December 7th became "“a date which will live in infamy." The attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii killed over 2,300 service members and brought America into World War II.

It is important that we take time to honor the sacrifice of those men and women who served and died that day and remember the freedoms they died protecting.

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