March 2, 2018


It's been a year of big victories for the people of Wisconsin.  Our K-12 schools are supported this year with a record-high level of state funding; a typical Wisconsin classroom of 20 students (like these ones who visited the Capitol recently!) is getting more than $12,000 in new funding alone in this budget.  Our freeze on University of Wisconsin tuition, in place for at least two more years, has already saved the average college student more than $6,000 over the past four years.  We've recently passed a welfare reform package that is going to be a model for the whole country, attacking FoodShare fraud, requiring child support compliance, requiring drug screening and broadening work requirements for able-bodied adults.


In the past year, we've deleted three state-level taxes entirely.  Property taxes are lower in 2018 than they were in 2010 (unless your community determined to raise taxes via referendum for your local needs) and no longer include any state tax at all; in fact, the average Wisconsinite enjoys the lowest property tax burden since 1946 at just 3.6 percent of income.  We reduced the size of the state government by more than 400 positions.  Even so, we have the largest "rainy day fund" set aside that we've ever had and a projected surplus in revenues coming by 2019 (which I intend to return to you, its rightful owner).


There's always more to do, but this is what it looks like to be "moving in the right direction."  Through sound governing, we're delivering better results and investing in our state's future but still watching out for the bottom line.


As always, I encourage you to follow my updates on social media or contact my office directly with your questions.  Best wishes on your weekend!


It's Your One-Stop Shop


Wisconsin's official website,, has been recently redesigned.  Give it a try; there's something for everyone!


I'll admit that I laughed at first at the four links displayed most prominently on the main page: "Fishing License," "Road Construction," "Register a Business," and "Driver's License."  On reflection though, I bet these actually are the things most visitors to the website need!  Other features you might appreciate include the link, right on the homepage, to the notices and minutes of public meetings across the state; job resources; tax information; and even a new kids' section.  Check it out!


Enough Already!


It's been about 15 years since the federal government established the National "Do Not Call" Registry.  It's been a highly successful program that has cut way back on the harassment of consumers in America.  I looked into the program again recently and thought you might appreciate some refreshers that I found helpful:


  • The place to go is  It's easy and free to register your phone number or to confirm whether you're already signed up.  It doesn't matter if you have a landline or a cell phone; once you have enrolled your phone number, it will remain on the registry permanently unless you ask that it be removed or your phone number is deactivated.


  • The Do Not Call Registry prohibits unwanted sales calls.  You may still receive political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, informational calls and telephone surveys.  If you ask a business not to call you again, it must honor your request.


  • If you get an illegal sales call, hang up.  Don't interact in any way; don't press any buttons to be taken off a call list or talk to a live person.  Because most of the illegal calls are automated, if you interact, you'll probably just keep getting more calls.


  • After you hang up on the illegal call, use this quick online form to file a complaint with the federal government.  The government probably won't reply to your complaint directly, but they use the data gathered from many people's complaints to figure out who the bad actors are.


Click here to learn more!




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