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Merry Christmas from the Capitol!

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Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a festive holiday season with Christmas just around the corner. If you click on the photo above, you will watch my annual Christmas address, where I list some of the things I'm thankful for. I also recite a Christmas pledge I wrote several years ago that helps me keep a Christian perspective during the holiday season and throughout the year. 

The Capitol at this time of the year can be very festive. Below are some photos I've taken of some of the seasonal displays around the Capitol. 

IMG_20191218_130229(resize).jpgAll of the ornaments on the tree are hand made by children from all over Wisconsin. 


IMG_20191218_130249(resize).jpgThe tree is so big I have to take two pictures for you to see the whole thing. Do you see the train at the bottom of the tree?


IMG_20191218_130109(resize).jpgHere is the Nativity Scene right next to the tree. The Bible passage on display is Isaiah 9:6. 


IMG_20191218_130143(resize).jpgAny Seinfeld fans out there reading this? "A Festivus for the Rest of Us!" 

Legislative Committee Action

IMG_20191218_095116(resize).jpgThis week in Jobs and the Economy Committee, we passed my aircraft liens bill. This bill corrects our current law so that Wisconsin's aircraft can be registered in the FAA registry, making it easier for people who has a lien on an aircraft. Read more about the bill here. Pictured above I am explaining a provision of my bill to my colleagues before the vote.  


IMG_20191210_100935(resize).jpg (1)In Mental Health Committee, we heard a bill from Rep. Steineke (Kaukauna) that would create a school-based mental health consultation pilot program in Outagamie County to
assist schools providing enhanced care to students with mental health needs. If this bill and program succeeds in Outagamie county, we can use this program elsewhere in the state to help other children dealing with mental health issues. Read more about the bill here


Congratulations to My Star Staffer!

MVIMG_20191218_164845(resize).jpgI am pleased to announce that Steve Hall in my office has been named the star staffer of the month here at the Capitol! Steve is a very hard working individual who is also very friendly to work with. If you have called in to my office there is big chance you have talked with him. Congrats Steve!

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