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Wisconsin Assembly passes National Bible Week Resolution 

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This week, the Wisconsin State Assembly, with a near unanimous vote, passed my resolution recognizing the week of Thanksgiving as National Bible Week.  

National Bible Week is an American tradition that was started in 1941 by President Franklin Roosevelt. Many people from our country and all over the world have looked to the Bible for literary and religious encouragement, and has served as the moral foundation for much of the Western world.  

Click here to read more about the resolution and to read the resolution itself.

Catch me this Monday on WOMT and WCUB Radio!

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 This Monday, I will be appearing on WCUB at 8:10 AM and WOMT Be My Guest at 9:30 am. Feel free to call in at 920-682-0351 with any questions that you may have! I am looking to forward to hearing from you!

Celebrating Veterans Day at Lincoln High School


Last Friday, I attended an event at Lincoln High School honoring our veterans before Veterans Day. Many people came to honor them, and some of them gave great speeches including Dave Hassmer pictured here. Thank you again to our veterans for everything you have done!

A Poem for Veterans Day 

Below is a poem in celebration that Kurt Carlson shared with me at a Veterans Day event this past weekend. I enjoyed reading it and I hope you do too. 


A tribute to the veterans.


I fought in the trenches of Europe,

I climbed Iwo Jima’s hills,

I stormed the beaches of Normandy

I fought on jungle trails,


I was victorious in the Pacific 

At Midway and the Philippines,

The enemy could not withstand

The Army, Navy and Marines.


As a soldier in Korea 

I was one of the Chosin Few,

I chased Charlie through the bush

In the country of Vietnam.


I invaded Panama, removed from

Her an evil man.

I freed the people of Kuwait,

Triumphant on desert sands.


I patrolled the streets of Baghdad,

To bring peace to that land.

I’ve hunted in the mountains of Afghanistan

In search of the Taliban.


I turn my gaze towards Isis

To end that evil curse,

To bring peace to my brothers 

And sisters who populate this earth.


I am an American Soldier, Sailor,

Airman, Marine

I fight with pride and honor sometimes

For a goal unseen.

I don’t seek recognition

Not even a thanks from you,

But like my Veteran Brothers and Sisters,

I served the red, white and blue



Have a great weekend!


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Representative Paul Tittl


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