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February 15, 2017                                                                                           (608) 266-0315

Rep. Tittl’s Pyrolysis Bill Passes Assembly

The full Assembly passed Rep. Tittl’s (R-Manitowoc) bill on a unanimous voice vote today, laying the groundwork for pyrolysis and gasification facilities to open in Wisconsin. Pyrolysis and gasification are processes that turn post-use, non-recycled plastics into fuel. These plastics are currently being deposited into landfills.


“A vote for this bill was a vote for business and a vote for the environment,” said Rep. Tittl. “The Assembly rightly pledged its support behind new, exciting processes that will put Wisconsin at the forefront of innovative recycling technology.”


AB 789 correctly classifies pyrolysis and gasification companies as manufacturers, not solid waste facilities. These companies use plastic in their manufacturing process to produce oils, fuels, petroleum products, waxes, and chemical feedstock.


“By correctly classifying these facilities, Wisconsin will no longer be passed on by pyrolysis companies,” said Rep. Tittl. “This opens the door to a new industry that brings with it opportunities for corporate investments, less dependence on foreign fuel, and reduced amounts of waste in our landfills.”


Converting these plastic products from Wisconsin and northern Illinois could support multiple facilities in Wisconsin. In turn, the facilities could generate around $163 million in economic output and produce enough fuel to power tens of thousands of cars each year.


The Senate companion to the bill (SB 646) was voted out of committee on Jan. 18th. The bill can now be scheduled for a vote before the full Senate.