Assembly Floor Session

This week the Assembly convened for two consecutive days to pass legislation addressing Wisconsin's housing shortage and abortion. The following bills are part of a legislative package to provide safer, more affordable housing options across the state.

AB 156 - Relating to state workforce housing income and franchise tax credit and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.

AB 603 - Relating to a shovel-ready workforce housing development site program.

AB 605 - Relating to municipal workforce housing incentive program.

AB 606 - Relating to creating a sales tax exemption for materials used to construct workforce housing developments or to conduct workforce housing rehabilitation projects.

AB 607 - Relating to a workforce housing rehabilitation loan program.

AB 608 - Relating to local approvals of workforce housing projects; zoning for certain residential uses; and a requirement that street addresses be assigned at the time of subdivision plat approval. 

AB 609 - Relating to local housing investment fund programs.

AB 610 - Relating to prohibiting certain property tax assessment practices.



I am a strong supporter of protecting the unborn. Because God has created us to care for this planet and every living thing that moves on it, to be stewards of and we should be doing everything we can to protect it. Every child has every right to live just as you or I do. I was pleased to vote in favor of the following pro-life bills:

AB 6 - Relating to requirements for children born alive following abortion or attempted abortion and providing a penalty.

AB 493 - Relating to certification of abortion providers under the Medical Assistance program.

AB 593 - Relating to informed consent regarding a certain abortion-inducing drug regimen and reporting requirements for induced abortions.

AB 594 - Relating to: congenital condition educational resources.

AB 595 - Relating to sex-selective, disability-selective, and other selective abortions and providing a penalty.

AB 539 - Relating to prohibiting discrimination in organ transplantation on the basis of disability.


First Responder of the Year Mary Krause

Rep. Tittl with Mary Krause 

Fire Chief Ben Schoenborn, Mary Krause and Rep. Tittl


Another Great Day in The Wisconsin State Capitol. I was truly honored to Award Mary Krause of Chilton as First Responder of the Year for Assembly District 25 that I am humbled to represent. Mary has showcased the essence of public service in our community for over 30 years. 
Mary has been working in the prehospital medical field since the 1980’s as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with various ambulance services and teaching First Responders and EMT’s for Fox Valley Technical College. At one time Mary was one of six EMT’s that ran Chilton’s Hospital Based Ambulance Service 365 days a year.

At the Age of 72 years old, Mary continues demonstrating her commitment to public safety by joining the newly formed Chilton Fire Department Emergency Medical Responders who began providing services November 14, 2020.


Mary Krause with family that attended the ceremony in recognition of First Responders across WI

Job Openings at the Department of Corrections

Upon my tour of the Green Bay Correctional Institution last Friday, I learned that both the Green Bay and Waupun institutions are actively recruiting correctional officers. There are several areas in which you can serve as an officer. Reach out to the contacts provided below to learn more about your best fit. 

I was impressed to learn about the multitude of programs the Institution provides for inmates. Whether that be the Education Department that provides a pathway for inmates to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) or Technical College degree through several vocational programs, or the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises which provides jobs and training for inmates. In turn, these programs aim to develop marketable skills and experience in financially viable businesses for inmates to get back on their feet after their release.

It was amazing to witness the little city within a city at the Green Bay Correctional Institution. Thank you to those who serve in these roles that work together to bring hope to the future of inmates.


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