Field Day with Congressman Gallagher

U.S. Congressman Mike Gallagher set up visits at two farms in the area to see and hear about the latest technology in cover crops, reduced tillage, and farm waste management. This day was an opportunity to hear about federal agriculture policy as well. The Field Day took place at Woldt Farms in Brillion and Drumlin Dairy in Chilton.

It was neat to attend the Woldt Farms tour and see the dairy operation and learn about their operations. Woldt Farm has been a family farm since 1911; the Woldts milk 1,450 cows, raise 1,000 heifers, and crop 4,000 acres. They have been incorporating soil health practices on their farm for years and have lessons and successes to share. Drumlin Dairy began milking Saanen and Nubian goats in 2017 primarily. Approximately 8,000 goats are milked in a 120-stall twice daily. The dairy is Grade A, with all milk currently sold for cheese production. The field day will conclude at noon.

I appreciate our Wisconsin farmers' hard work and had a great time visiting with Rep. Gallagher.

HWY 151 Update

Many familiar with the area have been wondering about the conditions of connecting Highway 151. Mayor Nickels and I met with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary-designee Thompson last year to ask him to prioritize the infrastructure project. Several have reached out to my office about the project again, and I contacted the Northeast Region Director for the DOT. Please see the letter I sent to Mayor Nickels for an update from DOT.

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In Coming!!! Blue Books Are Expected To Arrive Soon

The Wisconsin Blue Books will be arriving soon! If you are interested in receiving books, please reply to this email or call my office and provide your name, phone, address, and how many books you would like. The Wisconsin Blue Book is the biennial Almanac of Wisconsin government. The 2021–22 Wisconsin Blue Book includes biographies of elected state officers and legislators, information about the units of state government, the text of the Wisconsin Constitution, and statistical, reference information, and more.  


Assembly Committee on Corrections

This week, the Assembly Committee on Corrections met for a public hearing on 3 bills. 

AB 214: Relating to: refusing or tampering with a global positioning system tracking device and providing a penalty.

AB 216: Relating to: measuring a school district's improvement for the school and school district accountability report.

AB 397: Relating to: the use of billboards to recruit Department of Corrections employees. This bill eliminates a current law prohibition on the use of billboards by the Department of Corrections to recruit employees.

Draw Your District

Typically, Census data is received every 10 years, in spring.  Unfortunately, the data was delayed for many months and was just released to Wisconsin. New data requires district boundaries to be adjusted to account for population changes. Any Wisconsin resident can now submit their input by visiting: . You can now submit your entry from September 1st through October 15th, 2021. 

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Happy 74th Anniversary to the United States Air Force

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