Jump Around! A Look at Camp Randall

This week, members of the Assembly and staff were invited to tour Camp Randall. Thank you to UW for hosting the group and showing us this impressive stadium, the best in the Big 10... I am looking forward to some fall football; go Badgers!! We were also lucky enough to meet Bucky the Badger!

Common Sense Legislation Vetoed 

Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed my bill and several pieces of legislation that would ensure safe elections and transparency for elections. My bill, SB 210, created a uniform distance for recounts. During the April hearing, the Director for the City of Milwaukee, Claire Woodall-Vogg, testified that the distance change to not less than 3 feet is "entirely appropriate during a process such as a recount." 

Among the bills vetoed were: 

AB 201:

The number of indefinitely confined voters in the most recent election grew significantly. Unlike those who vote in-person, indefinitely confined voters are not required to show ID.

There shouldn’t be one set of rules for voting in-person and a second set of rules for voting absentee. Voter-ID requirements should apply to every voter in Wisconsin.

SB 210 (my bill): creates transparent & uniform access to recount procedures throughout the state & protects election observers right to take part in the process.

SB 203: Ensure election integrity by regulating who may return another person’s completed absentee ballot.

AB 271: Protect election records and ensure transparency of election proceedings.

AB 198: 

Guarantee that only a voter may make changes to their absentee ballot.

Every clerk should operate under the same set of rules in regards to correcting errors on absentee ballots.

The voter should be notified if their ballot is deemed to have missing information giving them a second chance to make sure their vote counts.

AB 179:

Provides that administrators of long-term care facilities may only deny access by special voting deputies if a public health emergency exists.

Requires facility administrators to notify the relatives of each resident of the dates and times of visits by special voting deputies.

Requires that one relative of each resident be allowed to observe the election process within the facility.

Tune In 

Listen in next week! 

I will be a guest on WCUB (980 AM) Monday Morning at 8:10 am

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Prescription Drug Copay Accumulator Legislation

Recently, Speaker Vos and I met with advocacy groups to discuss Assembly Bill 184.

Assembly Bill 184

This bill requires health insurance policies that offer prescription drug benefits, self-insured health plans, and pharmacy benefit managers acting on behalf of policies or plans to apply amounts paid by or on behalf of a person covered under the policy or plan for prescription drugs to any calculation of an out-of-pocket maximum amount or to any cost-sharing requirement of the policy or plan.
This requirement applies regardless of whether a claim is submitted to the policy or plan to pay for the prescription drug. Health insurance policies are referred to in the bill as disability insurance policies.
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Newton Volunteer Firefighter Picnic

A busy weekend in Newton with lots of fun activities! Check out the Chamber website (click "poster" below) or Facebook to see all the activities offered this weekend. I hope to see many of you at the parade!

Manitowoc County Fair
August 25-29, 2021

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Lakeshore Balloon Glow

When? Friday, August 20, 2021 from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m

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