Governor Signs the Joint Finance Committee Revised Budget 

Rep. Tittl, Rep. Tusler, Rep. Sortwell, Rep. Macco & Sen. Wimberger speak on the budget at Kaukauna Press Conference.

Just hours ago, Governor Evers signed the Republican budget passed by the legislature into law! While WI is receiving billions of dollars in COVID-relief support from the federal government, I'm glad to see that Governor had a change in heart on increasing taxes and signed our strong budget into law. A big thanks to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) for making good investments and committing to cutting taxes. If the original budget had been signed there would have been over $1 billion in new taxes. 



Assembly Committee on Forestry, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation

On Wednesday, the Committee on Forestry, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation met. The public hearing included testimony for AB 269 and AB 375.

AB 269 would require the DNR to waive any daily fee for admission to a state park on April 22 of each year in commemoration of Earth Day and its founder, Gaylord Nelson.

AB 375 would require the Department of Natural Resources to waive the fee for an annual vehicle admission receipt issued to the parent or guardian of a public or private school pupil who possesses a valid Every Kid Outdoors pass issued by the U.S. National Park Service. Under current federal law, such a pass authorizes free admission to national parks for any 4th grader and his or her family.
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