Groundbreaking Event for AMMO Inc.

AMMO Inc. held a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday for a new manufacturing plant! I am glad I was able to attend the event. I am excited to see what the new plant brings to Manitowoc! Among attendees included NASCAR drivers Rusty Wallace and Richard Childress.


Click here to read an article with more information about the new plant.

Exciting News for Hilbert!

It was exciting to be in Hilbert for this project announcement that Hilbert will be redeveloping the former Bel Brands cheese factory, which has been vacant for over 20 years.

The Village of Hilbert received $738,000, a CDBG grant, which will cover the project's entirety. The buildings will be razed, and the site prepped, and the village plans to have a commercial/retail business come into this area. I look forward to this new development in the 25th district!


Assembly Session

Rep. Tittl spoke about election integrity during Assembly Floor Session.

Yesterday the Assembly passed several election integrity bills:

AB 201:

The number of indefinitely confined voters in the most recent election grew significantly. Unlike those who vote in-person, indefinitely confined voters are not required to show ID.

There shouldn’t be one set of rules for voting in-person and a second set of rules for voting absentee. Voter-ID requirements should apply to every voter in Wisconsin.

SB 210 (my bill): creates transparent & uniform access to recount procedures throughout the state & protects election observers right to take part in the process.

SB 203: Ensure election integrity by regulating who may return another person’s completed absentee ballot.

AB 271: Protect election records and ensure transparency of election proceedings.

AB 198: 

Guarantee that only a voter may make changes to their absentee ballot.

Every clerk should operate under the same set of rules in regards to correcting errors on absentee ballots.

The voter should be notified if their ballot is deemed to have missing information giving them a second chance to make sure their vote counts.

AB 179:

Provides that administrators of long-term care facilities may only deny access by special voting deputies if a public health emergency exists.

Requires facility administrators to notify the relatives of each resident of the dates and times of visits by special voting deputies.

Requires that one relative of each resident be allowed to observe the election process within the facility.


AB 374- Opiate Litigation

As the opioid epidemic continues to be one of the largest health & public safety issues America is facing, the Assembly passed AB 374. This legislation relates to ongoing litigation between Wisconsin county governments and manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of opioids. Countless local governments have filed lawsuits against these companies to hold them responsible for their part in the opioid epidemic.

AB 374 ensures that any settlement proceeds from opioid litigation would be used to combat the epidemic without delay. Similar legislation has passed in various other states, including New York, Massachusetts, and Kentucky. 


SB 119  - Funding the Police, EMS & Fire

SB 119/ AB 111

This bill decreases shared revenue payments to municipalities who cut funding for their police forces, equal to the amount cut from the force. This reduction in aid then becomes the ongoing amount that the municipality will receive. The reduction amount is also redistributed between municipalities that didn’t cut funding for their police forces.

The bill does allow for municipalities to enter into cooperative agreements to share law enforcement with other units of government or to transfer responsibility to another unit of government without having revenues cut.

Notably, Madison and Milwaukee both looked to defund or cut personnel in their forces. Milwaukee cut 120 positions in their budget, while seeing an increase in arson, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, and a 95% increase in the homicide rate from 2019 to 2020. 

AB 371- Broadband Expansion Grant

AB 371 encourages providers to divide and conquer on locations in Wisconsin that are still in need of basic internet speeds. This broadband expansion grant legislation will encourage providers to deploy services quicker and gives them an incentive to do so. This legislation is essential to give all Wisconsinites better access to good broadband. 

Act 53

The Governor signed SB 299, authored by myself and Sen. Darling this week. Our "DNA" Bill will be Act 53

Under current law, a person who is on probation, extended supervision, or
parole in another state who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by the Department of Corrections is required to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis if one of the following applies: 1) he or she was placed under supervision before January 1, 2000, for a crime that is comparable to first or second degree sexual assault in Wisconsin, or 2) he or she was placed under supervision on or after January 1, 2000, for a crime that DOC determines would constitute a felony if committed by an adult in Wisconsin.

This act requires any person who was placed on probation, extended
supervision, or parole in another state on or after April 1, 2015, who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by DOC to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis, irrespective of the crime for which he or she was placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole in the other state.

Events in the District!

Hope to see you all this weekend at the Reedsville Fire Fighter's parade!

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