Floor Session

DNA Bill 

Assembly Bill 274

Yesterday, the Assembly passed my and Senator Darling's Bill, AB 274 relating to submission of human biological specimens to the state crime laboratories.

Under current law, a person who is on probation, extended supervision, or parole in another state who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by the Department of Corrections is required to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis if one of the following applies: 1) he or she was placed under supervision before January 1, 2000, for a crime that is comparable to first or second degree sexual assault in Wisconsin, or 2) he or she was placed under supervision on or after January 1, 2000, for a crime that DOC determines would constitute a felony if committed by an adult in Wisconsin.
This bill requires any person who was placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole in another state on or after April 1, 2015, who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by DOC to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis, irrespective of the crime for which he or she was placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole in the other state.


Joint Finance Committee Update

 Knowles Nelson Stewardship Fund

JFC took measures to protect and care for our state's rich environment. We reauthorized the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program for four years, provided additional dollars to support County Conservation staff, and made additional investments to address water quality in Wisconsin. 

Donut Duty (Breakfast on the Farm)

On Sunday, I had a great time at 'Breakfast on the Farm' at the Vogel Family Farms. Thanks to the Vogel Family for hosting another delicious breakfast. It was great to see everyone!

Rep. Tittl on donut duty at Vogel Farm Breakfast

Majority Leader Sen. LeMahieu serves milk at the farm!

Happy National Dairy Month! Thank you to all the Wisconsin farmers that continue to work tirelessly to provide Americans with the BEST dairy products.'

Testimony on Real Estate Appraisers Bill

Rep. Tittl testifies alongside Sen. Jacque (De Pere) on SB 341, in the Senate Committee on Housing, Commerce, and Trade on Tuesday.

Tourism Committee

Last week we had our first Tourism Committee. Today, the Assembly Committee on Tourism passed all three bills. 

Assembly Bill 301

Relating to: loan to the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitor Bureau for the
construction of a visitor information and education center.

Assembly Bill 388

Relating to: establishing the Wisconsin commission for the United States
semiquincentennial commission to coordinate the commemoration of the 250th
anniversary of the founding of the United States.

Assembly Bill 391

Relating to: funding for historic sites of the State Historical Society.

Corrections Executive Session

Clearinghouse Rule 20-030

In the Corrections Committee, unanimously voted to pass the Clearinghouse Rules 20-030. CR 20-030 relates to secured residential care centers for children and youth.  

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