Floor Session

Ending enhanced unemployment benefits

Yesterday, the assembly passed AB 336, which would end participation in the federal program of enhanced unemployment benefits as coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted, and employers are returning to work. This is a popular trend among at least 25 other states. The money was a relief for the economic strains during the pandemic until jobs were again available. 

Each week, I am get an abundance of business owners telling me they can not find workers to fill their shifts. Many companies in Manitowoc are offering excellent wages and training and still can not find people to take jobs. The enhanced benefits are no longer necessary as we have a workforce shortage, and businesses have implemented many safety precautions to get workers back in a safe environment. Nearly 40% of WI vaccinated, almost 80%  of Wisconsinites age 65 and up are fully vaccinated.

According to an SR Poll Results report, 71 percent of voters favor ending the enhanced federal unemployment payments. This includes 67 percent of independents and 59 percent of Democrats.

AB 293 - 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State

AB 293 would prohibit any state funds or state personnel from enforcing a federal act, law, statute, rule, regulation, treaty or order if it bans or tries to regulate firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition. This would not affect current laws and would be allowed if the federal law was identical to a state law.  Additionally, this bill would require any firearm manufacturer in Wisconsin to stamp the firearm so that it reads “Made in Wisconsin” to further protect the rights of Wisconsinites by nullifying the federal government’s use of the interstate commerce clause to confiscate firearms.

Joint Finance Committee Update

I have received many budget requests and have shared the comments with my colleagues. While I do not sit on JFC here are a few projects that have been approved.


The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) made significant investments in our students' education. 

Legislative Republicans on the committee achieved the following with their education proposal:

  • Nearly $500 million in new state funding
  • Sets aside $350 million to maintain education funding stability in the future
  • Guarantees a minimum of $781 per pupil to all school districts if the schools were in person more than 50% of the 2020-21 school year
  • Increases Special Education Funds to 30% of eligible costs - the highest dollar levels ever 
  • Doubles Mental Health Aids 
  • Provides $7 million for school-based mental health collaboration grants – a 54% increase, which meets the Governor’s proposal
  • Invests roughly $13 million in High Cost Transportation Aid

The committee also passed initiatives that invest in our technical colleges and universities. Wisconsin's technical colleges will be able to continue their work to close the skill gap that has developed in our workforce and will be better equipped for certifying firefighters in our local communities.

Additionally, the UW System (UWS) was allocated funds to help solve Wisconsin’s water-related public health, environmental, and workforce needs, as well as funds that will support students enrolled in UWS who formerly resided in a foster home.


  • Investing in roads, vertical projects, and critical public safety systems.
  • We will invest more than Governor Evers in local roads and the State Highway Rehabilitation Program.
  • We will also borrow far less than the Governor to pay for road upgrades. In fact, this is the lowest amount of new bonding for transportation in over 20 years.
  • We’re making strong investments in state owned buildings, focusing on maintenance and repair and preparing the workforce of future generations.
  • Wisconsin has two major pieces of critical emergency response and public safety infrastructure in need of updating and rebuilding and we will be investing in both (WISCOM & Next Generation 911).
Events in the Neighborhood!

I will be at Breakfast on the Farm this weekend at the Vogel Family Farms. I hope to see you all there!


8901 Hilltop Road

Reedsville, WI 54230

Parking-- In a hay field on Hilltop Road. They are asking visitors to come in on Cty Road H. North Union will be closed at Hershau Road and Cty Road JJ. Hilltop Road from the field to the farm will only be open to shuttle traffic.

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