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My Last E-update until November


This will be my final E-update pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Under normal circumstances, E-Updates sent to 50 or more recipients are not allowed past a certain date as the campaign season approaches. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was extended until today for COVID-related communication. However, I will continue to post updates on social media, which is not confined to the same limitations. Follow me Twitter and on Facebook to stay connected.  

As part of my last E-Update, I would like to remind you that you may contact my office with any questions or concerns you have. Your input and voice is important to me as I continue to represent you in Madison. 

Since this my last E-Update for a while, here are some pictures from this year of my work in Madison and from our district. Enjoy!


Legislative Action 

71815637_1131255217079938_2086750336533397504_n(resize).jpgEarlier this year, I testified in support of many bills that will help the lives of my constituents. Above, I testified in support of a bill that would enable the state to set in place a framework for counties to be able to apply for an additional judges when the need is great. This bill signed by the Governor this year and will lead to Calumet County gaining an additional judge. 


021820 Assembly Session #106(resize).jpgIn February,the Assembly passed AB 487, my bill that updates Wisconsin's psychology statue, which hasn't been updated since 1994. This bill expands access for those in need of mental health treatment and also helps those seeking a career in psychology to more easily transition from school to the workplace. 


IMG_20200116_105716(resize).jpgThis winter I testified in support of my "Lemon Law" bill. Under this bill, if a farmer has a repeating defect with their implement of husbandry, they can send it back to the manufacturer for it to be fixed. If it can't be fixed, the manufacturer sends them a check for a full refund.


022020 Assembly Session #55(resize).jpgAs people were hurt due to Governor Evers' shutdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, I joined my colleagues in passing the COVID-19 Response Bill. This bill gave Wisconsin residents much needed relief in the midst of an economic crisis. For example, the bill eliminated the one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits and prohibited health insurance coverage discrimination based on COVID-19. 


It's Great to See You!

Floor Session 201920-08(resize).jpgThis year I joined my colleagues in the Assembly and the Senate by introducing a joint resolution recognizing organ donors and proclaiming April 2020 as Donate Life Month in Wisconsin. 

Coming from Manitowoc for the passage of the resolution were Ron and Mary Hinz, Mark Leonhard, and Ginger Schwarz. Ron received a new kidney from his niece, Mark is a liver recipient, and Ginger is a lung recipient. Thanks again for visiting!

IMG_20200121_125031(resize).jpgIn January, several leaders from local credit unions visited me at the Capitol. We had to take the picture outside of my office because of how many people there were! Thank you for visiting! 


Connie Thimmig from Felician Village came to visit me and brought with her some very nice people who have all been affected by Alzheimer's in their lives. We discussed some new ways we ca help those who struggle with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Thank you for all that you do!  


In-District Activities


This winter, I spoke with the public at our local library to discuss some of the bills I'm working on that address our state's growing mental health problem. For a list of the bills I'm working on, including these bills, go to my legislative page and scroll through!


CaptureNewHope(resize).jpgI also visited the New Hope Center in Chilton. New Hope is a fantastic organization that works with the disabled to find meaningful employment in our local community. While visiting, I spoke with their CEO about their mission and observed some of the work they do. 


I along with Senator Devin LeMahieu (Oostburg) hosted a listening session at the Manitowoc City Hall where we heard from you about the issues you are most concerned with. Listening sessions are a great way for legislators to hear directly from their constituents. Thank you to all who attended! Senator 


Request a Blue Book Today!

Blue Book Order.pngThe 2019-2020 State of Wisconsin Blue Book is now available. It's published biennially by the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is a valuable source of information on state government, the legislative process and the history of our state. The featured article in the book is called: A HERO'S WELCOME, How the 1919 Wisconsin Legislature overcame divisions to enact innovative veterans legislation following World War I. If you would like a copy of the Wisconsin Blue Book to be sent to you, please contact my office at

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