Veterans Committee

Last week, the Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs met to consider the following proposals:

AB 48: This bill expands the definition of “veteran” to include either 1) individuals who were naturalized pursuant to the Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act of 2000; or 2) individuals who the secretary of Veterans Affairs has determined served honorably with a special guerrilla unit or irregular forces operating from a base in Laos in support of the armed forces of the United States at any time during the period from February 28, 1961, to May 7, 1975, and who are citizens of the United States or aliens
lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States who reside in Wisconsin. The bill extends most veterans benefits to anyone who meets this newly expanded definition of veteran, however, admission to a state veterans home and burial in a veterans cemetery are not included benefits as they are subject to federal regulation.

AB 103: This bill adopts the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act (UDPCVA), by the Uniform Law Commission, to provide a process and standards for a temporary delegation of custodial responsibilities when a parent is deployed in military or other national service.

AB 105: The administrative code of the Department of Children and Families currently
defines gross income for the purposes of calculating child support to include military
allowances and veterans disability compensation benefits. This bill modifies the
DCF administrative code to specify that gross income includes veterans disability
compensation benefits and military allowances, including basic allowances for
subsistence and housing, but does not include variable housing costs.

AB 154: This bill creates Hmong-Lao Veterans Day, the purpose of which is to recognize Southeast Asians, Americans, and their allies who served, suffered, sacrificed, or died in the Secret War in Laos during the Vietnam War in support of the armed forces of the United States, and to recognize May 14, 1975, as the last day of airlift evacuation of officers and their families from the covert headquarters in Long Tieng, Laos, to the Nam Phong refugee camp in Thailand. The bill designates May 14 as Hmong-Lao Veterans Day and requires the governor to annually issue a proclamation for the observance of Hmong-Lao Veterans Day. 

I co-sponsored this bill. The Committee also, voted to advance this bill out of Committee. It was approved unanimously. 

Also, with the theme of military and veterans, it is:

Thank you to all those who serve and have served our great country, I can't thank you enough for your service and sacrifice to America. God Bless you and your families.


Senate Judiciary Hearing on SB 299

Last week, I testified before the Senate Committee on Judiciary on my DNA bill, SB 299 with Senator Jacque. See my testimony below.


Listening Session

May 10 from 4:30- 6pm

On May 10, 2021, I will be holding a listening session in in St. Cloud. While it is not in my district, it is within close proximity to communities Calumet County. I represent the: towns of Charlestown, Chilton, Rantoul, city of Chilton, and villages of Hilbert and Potter.


Mental Health Matters!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As many of you may are aware, I serve as the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Mental Health. It is imperative to note the important work my committee is doing. It is an honor to chair the committee as prioritizing ways to improve mental health for Wisconsinites is of paramount importance. 

Remember to take time out of your busy life to focus on your mental health and be sure to also check on your loved ones- this month and every month. Mental health is just as important as physical health. 1 in every 5 people will experience a mental illness. 

Mental Health Resources

Today, the Committee on Mental Health met to vote on AB 193 and AB 210. I am pleased to say both bills passed unanimously with bipartisan support. 

(Click on bill numbers for link to summary and bill text)

Executive Session, May 5, 2021

Spring Survey

Please take a few minutes and fill out my spring survey if you have not received it in the mail or if you simply prefer the online version.

As the legislature will begin working on the budget soon, it is important to me to relay your opinions to my colleagues. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. 

Events in the Neighborhood!

Annual Valders Wide Rummage Sales

When?  THIS Weekend: May 6, 2021 at 1 pm

  • Village Wide Rummage Sales May 6 (1-6), May 7 (8-6), & May 8 (8-3)
  • 55+ Homes
  • Don't miss it, something for everyone!
  • Brat Fry's at Cenex Parking Lot May 6(1-6), May 7(10-6), & May 8(9-3).
  • Map/Sale Listing, Valders Gas Stations, & each sale.

Please contact Lori, Village Clerk/ Treasurer with any additional questions at or 920-775-5422.

Newton's First Responders Perch Fry

Please contact Mark Knier with any questions at 920-901-3373.

Good News:

Mom's Make the World Go Round

Happy early Mother's Day to all the incredible moms' and grandmothers' out there. Your kids are thankful for all you do(even if they don't say it). Keep up the hard work.

Appreciation and a round of applause to many who are essential to society:

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