Brown County Mental Health Court

Last week, I had a fantastic experience visiting the Brown County Court for their Mental Health court. As many know, I am the chairman of the Mental Health Committee and am always looking for ways to improve areas of mental health for Wisconsinites. Thank you to Judge Zuidmulder, for meeting with me. Many great takeaways from this visit, as it was an excellent learning experience.

Rep. Tittl with Brown County Circuit Court Judge Donald Zuidmulder. A big thank you for allowing me to observe the proceedings.

Committee on Corrections

Today, AB 211 and AB 228 passed out of committee with unanimous support.

Assembly Bill 274

Yesterday, the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety held a public hearing on Sen. Darling and I's bill, AB 274.  AB 274, relates to submission of human biological specimens to the state crime laboratories.

Under current law, a person who is on probation, extended supervision, or parole in another state who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by the Department of Corrections is required to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis if one of the following applies: 1) he or she was placed under supervision before January 1, 2000, for a crime that is comparable to first or second degree sexual assault in Wisconsin, or 2) he or she was placed under supervision on or after January 1, 2000, for a crime that DOC determines would constitute a felony if committed by an adult in Wisconsin.
This bill requires any person who was placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole in another state on or after April 1, 2015, who moves to Wisconsin and who will be supervised by DOC to provide a human biological specimen to the state crime laboratories for DNA analysis, irrespective of the crime for which he or she was placed on probation, extended supervision, or parole in the other state.


See my testimony below. 

AB 211:

Relating to operation of drones over correctional institutions.

Current law prohibits the operation of a drone over a correctional institution.
Any person who violates this prohibition may be required to forfeit not more than
$5,000. Under this bill, the prohibition does not apply to those who are operating a
drone over a correctional institution with the express authorization of the secretary
of corrections or his or her designee.

AB 228:

Relating to: approval of emergency detention after evaluation of certain medical conditions.


This bill specifies that a county department's approval of an emergency
detention of an individual must occur after an individual who is in a hospital emergency room is medically cleared for transport. Current law establishes a procedure for emergency detention of an individual who is believed to be mentally ill, drug dependent, or developmentally disabled and who demonstrates a substantial probability of physical harm to himself or herself or others or impairment or injury to himself or herself due to impaired judgment, or inability to satisfy certain basic needs due to mental illness. The applicable county department must approve the need for detention, which the county department may do only if a crisis assessment has been performed by a mental health professional and the mental health professional agrees with the need for the detention and if the county department reasonably believes the individual will not voluntarily consent to evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Transportation of the individual to a facility specified in current law for emergency detention occurs only after the county department approves, however, transportation of an individual who is in a hospital's emergency department may not occur until hospital staff who is treating the individual determines that the transfer is medically appropriate and has communicated that determination to the person transporting the individual.

Currently, in Milwaukee County, the treatment director of a facility has 24
hours from the time the individual is delivered to the facility to determine whether or not the individual must be detained for purposes of emergency detention. Once the treatment director makes a determination that an individual is being detained, the individual may not be detained for longer than 72 hours without a court hearing. The 24-hour period in which the treatment director must make the determination may be extended by any period that the determination is delayed that is directly attributable to evaluation or stabilizing treatment of nonpsychiatric medical conditions. Currently, in counties other than Milwaukee County, there is no 24-hour
period for determination by a treatment director, and the 72-hour period during which the individual may be held without a hearing begins when the individual is taken into custody by law enforcement or another authorized person and continues upon transfer of the individual to the treatment facility.



Spring Survey

Please take a few minutes and fill out my spring survey if you have not received it in the mail or if you simply prefer the online version. Thanks to those who have already returned the hard copy or submitted it online. 

As the legislature has begun working on the budget , it is important to me to relay your opinions to my colleagues. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. 


Mental Health Matters!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As many of you may are aware, I serve as the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Mental Health. It is imperative to note the important work my committee is doing. It is an honor to chair the committee as prioritizing ways to improve mental health for Wisconsinites is of paramount importance. 

Remember to take time out of your busy life to focus on your mental health and be sure to also check on your loved ones- this month and every month. Mental health is just as important as physical health. 1 in every 5 people will experience a mental illness. 

Mental Health Resources


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