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Rep. Tittl attends Press Conference on Re-Opening Wisconsin



This morning I joined my colleagues in Appleton to advocate for a regional approach to re-opening Wisconsin. We stood side by side with small business owners from Northeastern Wisconsin who have have been adversely affected by Governor Tony Evers' shutdown. 

Many areas of Wisconsin have not been as greatly affected by the virus as others, which is why we have concerns with the governor's 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Together, we support a more localized, regional plan much like what states around the country are already putting into effect. 

Wisconsin's economy has been devastatingly effected. More
than half a million people have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic. The state is already seeing a significant decline in state tax collections. A recent study estimates the
partial shutdown has cost the state $178.9 million in lost GDP every day.


Many of you who have been hurt financially by the shutdown have reached out to me in recent weeks. I want to let you know that I hear your concerns. When I hold discussions with my colleagues about how to properly respond to this crisis, you and your concerns are there with me. 

As always, if you would like to contact my office and share with me your thoughts or questions, my office toll-free number is (888) 529-0025 and my email is


My First Turkey of the Year! 


Last Friday, I caught my first turkey of the year! 


She's about 7 years old and right around 30 lbs!​


 National Day of Prayer


On this National Day of Prayer, I ask you to join me in a moment of prayer for those who have been affected by COVID-19, the first responders on the front lines caring for the sick, and for those financially affected by the shutdown.  


Mother's Day this Sunday!

mom-2_twitter.jpgHappy Mother's day to all the special Mom's out there! None of us would be where we are without your love, affection, and support. Thank you for what you all do each and every day! 


Request a Blue Book Today!

Blue Book Order.pngThe 2019-2020 State of Wisconsin Blue Book is now available. It's published biennially by the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is a valuable source of information on state government, the legislative process and the history of our state. The featured article in the book is called: A HERO'S WELCOME, How the 1919 Wisconsin Legislature overcame divisions to enact innovative veterans legislation following World War I. If you would like a copy of the Wisconsin Blue Book to be sent to you, please contact my office at

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