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Governor Evers Loosens Some Restrictions 


Earlier this week, Governor Evers announced he will be relaxing some of his restrictions in his "Stay at Home" order. 

Specifically, the governor will allow some businesses deemed "non essential" to be able to operate with curbside access. The governor listed the following groups of businesses that will be allowed to operate with these restrictions:

  • Dog groomers
  • Car washes
  • Small engine repair shops
  • Upholstery businesses
  • As well as outdoor recreational rentals, such as boats, golf carts, kayaks, and ATVs

While this a step in the right direction, I hope the governor takes more steps to relax his order. According to the DHS, hospital emergency rooms are seeing a downward trend in visits for COVID-19 symptoms.

During this challenging time, I appreciate everyone's feedback as we work towards reopening the state. If you would like to contact my office and share with me your thoughts, my office toll-free number is (888) 529-0025 and my email is


Manitowoc Memorial Day Parade Cancelled 

It is with sad regret that I share the news that the 2020 Manitowoc Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, a plan is in place to host a Memorial Day ceremony via radio and social media with plans to recognize the importance of Memorial Day during the city’s July Fourth celebration.

Mental Health during COVID-19 

During the pandemic and shutdown, many of us are struggling to keep our mental health in check. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which reminds us now more than ever we can't ignore this critical issue affecting so many.

If you are struggling with your mental health right now, please click on this link to look through a comprehensive list of resources you have access to. 

The Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health also recently shared a list of tips for helping your children's mental health and wellness. 

  1. It is normal for kids to regress and/or to develop new behaviors during times of stress.
  2. Cut yourself some slack! Adults are experiencing stress related to health, money, home schooling, routine change, feelings of isolation, and more.
  3. At a time that we are now constantly telling our children "no" and it feels like everything is off-limits, our family is choosing to limit power struggles.
  4. Everyone should get some physical activity each day. In addition to producing "feel good" chemicals in the brain, moving your body also releases built up stress chemicals and helps to keep you out of fight or flight mode.
  5. Try to get outside each day. Simply being in nature is incredibly therapeutic.
  6. Try to do one thing you enjoy each day. Adequate self-care will make you a better caregiver.
  7. Try to stay connected – we are social creatures and not meant to stay apart.
  8. Try to take one day at a time. It can feel overwhelming to think too far ahead when we still don't know what to expect.


Additional Unemployment Benefits

This week, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development started issuing additional stimulus payments to aid those who have been economically affected by the shutdown. These payments were set into motion by the federal CARES Act. 

Within the CARES Act are three benefits that unemployed individuals may be eligible to receive if they are not eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

One of these benefits is the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), which is the additional $600/week payment that so many of you have reached out asking about. 

If you would like to apply for these programs, or for more information, please click here. 

State Parks Reopen


This week Wisconsinites received more good news with another partial reopening announced. Today, the Department of Natural Resources will reopen 34 state parks. Some conditions will apply to many of the parks, including shorter hours and limits on capacity. A state park sticker/trail pass will be needed for entry. For more information visit the following link:


Request a Blue Book Today!

Blue Book Order.pngThe 2019-2020 State of Wisconsin Blue Book is now available. It's published biennially by the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is a valuable source of information on state government, the legislative process and the history of our state. The featured article in the book is called: A HERO'S WELCOME, How the 1919 Wisconsin Legislature overcame divisions to enact innovative veterans legislation following World War I. If you would like a copy of the Wisconsin Blue Book to be sent to you, please contact my office at

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