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The "Stay at Home" Order goes to Court


The Wisconsin State Supreme Court is now reviewing the petition the Wisconsin Legislature filed on Tuesday that challenges how the extension of the Safer at Home order was issued. The main question in the lawsuit is whether an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat has broader authority and power than the governor and can exercise it without limit, or public or legislative input, or whether that bureaucrat is bound by the rules process.

The Legislature is asking the court for an injunction of the extension but also asking to "stay enforcement of its injunction for a period of six days, to allow DHS sufficient time to promulgate a new emergency rule consistent with Wisconsin law (a process that it should begin undertaking as soon as this filing is served on them). Such a stay would fairly accommodate the parties’ mutual interest in preserving the status quo and ensuring no disruption to the State’s efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 while DHS undertakes steps to comply with all applicable statutes." 


Beware of Scammers 

Coronavirus+Scam+MGN2.jpgThe US Department of Labor and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development are warning of scams where fraudsters offer to help people file unemployment insurance claims and also ask for their credit card info for payment. You do not need to pay anyone to file or qualify for your benefits. 


Request a Blue Book Today!

Blue Book Order.pngThe 2019-2020 State of Wisconsin Blue Book is now available. It's published biennially by the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau. The Blue Book is a valuable source of information on state government, the legislative process and the history of our state. The featured article in the book is called: A HERO'S WELCOME, How the 1919 Wisconsin Legislature overcame divisions to enact innovative veterans legislation following World War I. If you would like a copy of the Wisconsin Blue Book to be sent to you, please contact my office at

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