My Current Legislation

Below you can find summaries for various bills I am currently working on, as well as the links to each bill: 

Assembly Bill 63/ SB 77

Under current law, no person may engage in the practice of psychology without being licensed as a psychologist by the Psychology Examining Board. This bill makes revisions to the laws governing the examining board and the practice of psychology. I want to emphasize this bill would increase the number of psychologists in the workforce, such as recent graduates' ability to help, as we do not have enough psychologists. This bill is being brought forward at a significant time as many Wisconsinites, and their families will benefit.

Assembly Bill 26/ SB 24, "Ethan's Law"

This legislation would prohibit the out-of-home placement of a child with a person with a record of a crime against a child. Ethan's Law passed out of the Senate Committee on Insurance, Licensing, and Forestry this week. Click here for my testimony.

Assembly Bill 30/ SB 45

This bill would modify rules relating to the use of wood to contain bear bait or feed in logs or stumps. This bill would allow a bottom made of wood or similar processed materials to be properly attached to the stump. Making this change would allow hunters to create a safer legal bait site and help decrease the likelihood of the site becoming a congregation site for wolves, which will also make it safer for the use of hunting dogs in that area.

Election Observers Bill

This bill requires the municipal clerk, chief inspector, and board of canvassers
to provide election observers uniform and nondiscriminatory access to all stages of the election process, including recounts. The bill also requires all election observers wear a badge with the name of the observer and the name of the organization, if any, the observer is representing. The observer may not wear any campaign material advocating voting for or against a candidate or for or against any position on a ballot question.

In addition, an election observer may not interfere with a voter nor hinder an election official in the performance of his or her duties. 

The bill expands the observation area required under current law so that it is not more than three feet from the table where voters announce their name
and address and not more than three feet from the table where individuals are
registered to vote. This is simply as it is difficult to read for anyone from 8 feet away.

Prescription Drugs

This legislation would allow co-pay assistance for prescription drugs to count toward a patient’s out-of-pocket maximum or cost-sharing requirement and helps keep health care costs down. 

This bill requires health insurance policies that offer prescription drug benefits, self-insured health plans, and pharmacy benefit managers acting on behalf of policies or plans to apply amounts paid by or on behalf of a person covered under the policy or plan for prescription drugs to any calculation of an out-of-pocket maximum amount or to any cost-sharing requirement of the policy or plan. This requirement applies regardless of whether a claim is submitted to the policy or plan to pay for the prescription drug. Health insurance policies are referred to in the bill as disability insurance policies.

Real Estate Appraisers Bill

This bill limits the time a person has to start a lawsuit for damages against a licensed or certified real estate appraiser to five years from the date the real estate appraiser submits the appraisal report to the person for whom the services were performed, unless a shorter limitations period applies. The bill also provides that, if the person sustains damages during the fifth year after the report is submitted,
then the time for starting a lawsuit is extended one year from the date the damages are sustained. The limitation period created in the bill does not apply to a real estate appraiser who commits fraud or concealment in the performance of real estate appraisal services. Currently, there is no statute of limitations specifically addressed to real estate appraisal services.

Archery Bill

This bill modifies the definition of archery in the statutes to include crossbow. As a result, someone with an archery hunting license is authorized to hunt with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. 

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