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Testifying for my Adoption Bill and Aircraft Bill



This week I testified before committee in support of my adoption bill. This bill streamlines the process by which adoptive children can learn the names of their biological parents. Joining me in testifying was Senator Andre Jacque (DePere) and Jack Nasep, a resident of Manitowoc. 



​Above is a picture of Jack Nasep testifyingIMG_20191204_143218(resize).jpg

Jack, it was great to see you again. Thank you for coming down to testify and for all the work you do!


I also testified for my bill that establishes a set of lien rights for those who do mechanical work on aircraft and the owners of the aircraft themselves. Thank you to Senator Roger Roth (Appleton) for testifying! 


Here I am testifying in the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy


Above I am testifying in the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce, and Trade

IMG_20191204_105810(resize).jpgOfficials from Gulfstream Aerospace, based in Savannah, Georgia, played a large part in this bill moving forward. They also have an impressive facility in Appleton that maintains and repairs aircraft. Thank you for making the trip up and testifying!


It's great to see you!

IMG_20191204_123021(resize).jpgThis week my friend Dave Naidl and his wife Karen stopped by my office and afterwords I showed them around the Capitol.  

If you would like to meet with me either in the 25th district or in Madison, please contact me at 608-266-0315 or


Touring the newly renovated Capitol Civic Center with Senator LeMahieu 


IMG_2113(resize).jpgRecently I had the chance to take a tour of the new Capitol Civic Center with Senator Devin LeMahieu. Thank you to Matt Schliesman, Executive Director of the center, for showing us around. 

IMG_2120(resize).jpgThe new stage looks great!


Watch my Interview on Be My Guest!

Capture(resize).jpgClick on the image above to watch my recent interview with Lee Douglas on Be My Guest! In the interview I talk about my recent meeting with DOT Secretary Craig Thompson about repairing Manitowoc's Washington street.  



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Representative Paul Tittl

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