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Thank you to our Local Election Workers for a Secure Election in Manitowoc


I'd like to start this E-Update with a quick shoutout to our local poll workers, clerks, and election workers on a safe and secure election in our local area. 

Recently I talked with Mary Madison, the Chief Inspector of Manitowoc D-8, about her experience with the election. She and her team did a tremendous job!

Mary also mentioned to me that they are in need of younger workers to help with this important process. If young people, or anyone else, would like to get involved to help, you can contact Deb Neuser, the City Clerk for Manitowoc.


New Covid-19 Initiatives 


This week, Republicans in the assembly put forth new policy ideas to help fight the COVID-19 surge in Wisconsin. We would like to see these ideas as part of a bipartisan legislative package that help the state slow the spread of the virus. 

These ideas include building a robust testing system, doubling the number of contact tracers, assisting the healthcare industry, ensuring an efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, requiring Unemployment Insurance reform and helping small businesses. 

I look forward to discussing these bipartisan ideas with my colleagues in the assembly, the senate, and Governor Evers. 


In Need of your InputElection Review

Recently Speaker Robin Vos asked the chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to conduct an investigation into the recent November election in Wisconsin. I support this decision because I believe we must protect the integrity of our elections and ensure every legal vote counts.

Right now, staff working for the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans are gathering information from concerned citizens.

If you'd like to help the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, send specific and actionable information to the following e-mail address: We ask that a complaint, concern or allegation would include the following:

  • Specific and first-hand information regarding potential fraud/misconduct. Hearsay or news reports of non-specific events will not be useful.
  • Detail on the incident/practice being reported (What, where, when and who).
  • Any supporting materials that would be helpful in vetting the allegation. This could include photos or names of witnesses.
  • Contact information so the person can be reached for clarification or additional information. If people choose to remain anonymous, that is their right but it may limit the value of their information if it is incomplete.


Happy Hunting!

21 Gun Deer Season

I hope all of the hunters out there have a safe and successful hunt! Please remember, if you get a deer, you must register it in person, online, or by phone by 5 p.m. the day after the hunt. For more information on the hunting season, including safety tips or how to purchase a license, please visit 

If anyone who subscribes to my E-update does get a deer, please send a picture to my email. We will share it in next week's newsletter! 

Important Links regarding COVID-19

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