Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Small Business and Rural Issues

Tuesday, October 19, the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Package received a public hearing in the Senate. The bills allow greater opportunities for hunters & anglers, protect our rights & make it easier to enjoy our God-given natural resources. I testified before the Senate Committee on behalf of Senate Bill 620, a bill Senator Felzkowski and I authored to create a common sense sandhill crane hunting season. It was a pleasure to have local farmers from Manitowoc testify before the Committee. Their support for the bill exemplifies the practical need for a hunt to deter crop damage. Furthermore, I appreciated having Kelly Wilfert from Manitowoc testify in favor of the bill on behalf of her family and Wilfert farms, which has faced significant damage because of the cranes. 

Feel free to watch the Live Stream of Sporting Freedom Hearing here. (Our testimonies begin at the 16:36, 5:11:30, and 5:42:00 mark).

Also, please see my testimony below:



Assembly Committee on Jobs and Economy

This week, the Committee on Jobs and Economy held a public hearing and executive session on Rep. Vandermeer's bill, AB 497 relating to inspection requirements for chemical recovery boilers.

Under current law, the Department of Safety and Professional Services has promulgated rules that impose inspection requirements on boilers. This bill affects those requirements for chemical recovery boilers. If the owner or user of a chemical recovery boiler maintains insurance coverage and is in good standing with the insurer. The bill limits the frequency of periodic inspections, including internal inspection, that require taking the boiler out of service.

Under the bill, those periodic inspections may be required no more frequently than once every 24 months. The frequency limit applies to inspections of the boiler or any of its components.

In addition, the bill imposes a deadline on DSPS to act on applications for exemptions or extensions with respect to periodic inspections. If the owner or user applies for an exemption or extension at least 120 days before the expiration of the inspection period, DSPS must take final action on the application at least 90 days before expiration.

Assembly Committee on Tourism

On Wednesday, the Assembly Committee on Tourism held a public hearing on AB 509 and AB 567.

AB 509 - Relating to modifying the Department of Tourism's reporting duties and repealing requirements to distribute cheese, submit a financial statement, and use famous residents in marketing.

AB 567 - Relating to allocation of federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 funds for repairs to Potawatomi State Park observation tower. 


New Hope Center Chilton

I want to extend my appreciation to those from the New Hope Center who stopped by yesterday. They are a beautiful example of individuals with disabilities who do not let these challenges get in the way of working and giving back to our community. They appreciate having the proper resources to be able to do so. 

New Hope Center is a trusted organization of coaches, teachers, and professional leaders dedicated to providing a full range of options for people with disabilities. These services range from employment opportunities, day service support, housing, residential care, and transportation services. For over 50 years, the center has established itself as a caring and capable organization providing long-term support to the greater Calumet County area. 


The Coolest Thing Made in WI Manitowoc

Congratulations to Broadwind Heavy Fabrication in Manitowoc, whose 140 Ton Navy Crane was crowned the winner of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce's 'Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin' award.

Wisconsin has one of the most diverse manufacturing industries in the entire world, and it is worth celebrating the contributions of our state's innovative companies and highly-skilled workers. 'The Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin' annual contest shines light on the unbelievably unique thing made by our world class workforce.

This year, nearly 210,000 votes were cast in multiple rounds of voting ultimately ending with a victory for our very own Broadwind Heavy Fabrication the title!

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