Wisconsin Sporting Freedom

Republican Members of the Senate and Assembly held a press conference yesterday with special guest speaker Ted Nugent to introduce the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Package. Among the 13 sportsman freedom bills is my Sandhill Crane Hunting Season bill. Please see attached press release for more information:

Feel free to view the series of bills that preserve and build upon Wisconsin's sporting heritage below (note: I have included the Senate versions of the bills, because the Assembly bill numbers have not yet been assigned. However, the texts of both versions are identical):

SB 620 - Relating to hunting of sandhill cranes, wildlife damage abatement assistance and claim payments for damage caused by sandhill cranes, and making an appropriation.

SB 609 - Relating to stocking pheasants for hunting. 

SB 610 - Relating to administrative rules relating to hunting wild turkeys. 

SB 611 - Relating to satisfying the hunter education field testing requirement with a mentored hunt.

SB 612 - Relating to stocking brook trout in Lake Michigan.

SB 613 - Relating to report on reducing the number of hunting, fishing, and trapping approvals required by the Department of Natural Resources. 

SB 618 - Relating to requiring the repeal of hunting, trapping, and fishing administrative rules in conjunction with promulgation of new rules.

SB 615 - Relating to report on access to public lands owned or managed by the Department of Natural Resources.

SB 616 - Relating to electronic issuance of dog training licenses. 

SB 617 - Relating to Department of Natural Resources report on partnering with the private aquaculture industry.

SB 619 - Relating to right to carry a weapon in this state. 

SB 614 - Relating to Department of Natural Resources habitat work plan.

SB 563 - Relating to farm-raised game bovids.


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