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State of the State Address
Rep. Tittl shakes hands with Assembly Majority Leader Robin Vos.

On Tuesday evening, Governor Evers' virtually delivered the State of the State address. I was honored to give the invocational prayer before my colleagues. During the address, Gov. Evers' focused on the need for more resources from Congress for Wisconsinites. Just last week, the assembly passed AB1 to provide much of what the state needs. Just as the Governor said, 2020 was an uphill battle, but I have no doubt Wisconsin will come out on top, as my colleagues and I will continue to fight for the great people of Wisconsin. 

Sporting Heritage Committee

On Wednesday morning, I was excited to attend committee for the first time this session. As you may know, I am the vice-chairman of the Sporting Heritage Committee. We met this week to discuss the 2011 Act 169, which requires the Department of Natural Resources to establish an annual wolf harvesting season if the wolf is removed from the United States and Wisconsin lists of endangered and threated species. On November 3rd, 2020 it was decided that the gray wolf would be removed from the endangered species list. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss the process of reinstating the wolf harvesting season in 2021.


Rep. Tittl asks question to witness regarding wolf harvesting during Wednesday hearing.

I sent a bipartisan letter to the Wisconsin DNR after the wolf was delisted from the endangered and threatened species list asking for the DNR to implement the necessary actions to allow us to have a 20-2021 harvest season. However, their response was less than dissatisfactory. I am more than disgusted that the DNR neglected to attend our committee hearing yesterday. Chairman Pronschinske and myself extended an invite to the DNR to testify in front of the committee and did not show. When many Wisconsinites made the time and came on their own dime to share their testimony with our committee. 


AB1... the Senate amended our bill with the following changes:


SECTION 29. 252.03 (2m) of the statutes is created to read: 252.03 (2m) Notwithstanding sub. (2), a local health officer may not require individuals to receive a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

Senate Substitute Amendment

Senate Substitute Amendment 1 does not include the following provisions from Assembly Bill 1, as passed by the Assembly:

  • The prohibition on closing a school building to in-person instruction for more than 14 days without a two-thirds approval vote of the school board; the expansion of open enrollment; the allowance for instruction by an unlicensed short-term substitute teacher; and the provisions affecting student athletes.
  • The authorization for payment under the MA program for hospital-associated services in a home setting.
  • The prohibition on COVID-19 vaccine mandates by employers, DHS, and local health officers.
  • Requirements related to access to and reporting of health care data.
  • Limitations on DHS and local health officer authority under the communicable disease statutes relating to closures of businesses and places of worship.
  • The temporary credentialing process for in-state services by out-of-state emergency services personnel; and the expansion of the scope of practice for dentists to provide vaccinations.
  • The requirement for the Governor to submit plans for the use of COVID-19-related federal funds to JCF under the 14-day passive review process.
  • The requirement for the Governor to submit a plan for opening the State Capitol building and for state employees to return to in-person work.
  • Extensions relating to construction permits and payment of property taxes
Important Links regarding COVID-19 
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• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
• Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development


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