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Special Meetings Notice

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Wednesday afternoon Governor Walker signed a bill I authored with Senator LeMahieu changing how the mayor of a city may notify members of the city council of a special meeting.

Under the old law, written notice had to be personally delivered to a member or delivered to a member’s home.

Now a mayor can notify members in a manner likely to give notice. Options could include notice by phone, email, text, personal delivery to a member's home, or other methods.

Mayor Nickels attended the bill signing along with Senator LeMahieu, Ashley Czaja from the senator's office, and Steve Hall from my office. 



Representative Paul Tittl

Fair Share Road Funding

WFRV Channel 5 in Green Bay interviewed me about a bill I have proposed to increase the annual registration for electric vehicles by $125.

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Currently, drivers of gas vehicles help fund our roads by paying a per gallon sales tax. Because electric car vehicles don't use any gas, electric car owners use the roads but don't pay their fair share. The bill changes that situation. 

As we wrap up summer here in the 25th district, you might enjoy these upcoming events.

  • Find out everything you need to know to ‘Enjoy Wisconsin’s Wild Side’ by stopping by the DNR’s exhibit at the Wisconsin State Fair’s Exploratory Park.  The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off on August 3rd and runs through August 13th.
  • Operation Deer Watch kicks off on August 1st.  This annual citizen-science survey gives Wisconsin residents a great opportunity to assist with deer herd management efforts.
  • Bonus antlerless deer tags will be available for purchase starting Monday, August 14th at 10:00 a.m. through the Go Wild website and all license sales locations.

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