The 4th in the 25th Assembly District


There's something special about holidays at home...

As the representative for the 25th Assembly District, the 4th of July celebrations remind me how proud I am to be able to call this area of the state home.

This 4th, I was down at the lakefront during Fourth on the Shore, and I ran into Jeff Young (pictured above with me and my wife, Julie). His brother was an usher in my wedding 25 years ago. I appreciated Jeff sharing this photo with me.

During the parade in Hilbert, I was glad to see a friend of mine, Tim Newberg. I met Tim on the football field in 1976. I was a freshman in high school playing offense, and he was already an experienced defense player. We always used to joke that I was his tackling dummy.

If you see me at an event, please always feel free to come up and say hi. I would enjoy talking with you and maybe getting a photo for a future weekly update.

 It's an honor for me to represent an area full of people I know, people whose lives, businesses, and families have crossed paths with mine over the many years I've lived in Manitowoc. This year's 4th of July celebrations reminded me just how fortunate I am to live in our area.

Thank you all for making the 25th Assembly District a wonderful place to call home.

God bless,

Representative Paul Tittl

Coming Soon!

I am excited to announce that the results of my 2017 Spring Survey, which included questions about the direction you want to see for the state, are almost ready for release. Watch for them in next week's e-update.

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