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This week, I was honored to attend the rededication of Red Arrow Park in Manitowoc. The rededication was led by my friend, Sgt. Maj. Ed Hansen (pictured below), who wanted to honor our local veterans from all branches and eras of service.

The Red Arrow Division, after which the park is named, turned 100 years old just yesterday. This division was well-known for its strength and stamina in both of the World Wars, and was comprised of National Guard members from Wisconsin and Michigan.

This park and the restored memorial reminds us all not to forget the men and women who have served our nation. While I know we all endeavor to remember and express our gratitude to our veterans every day, we can all use the reminder. I'm so thankful to Ed and all the other veterans and community members who worked so hard to restore and improve this park. If you haven't read the full story, I'd encourage you to do so here.

God bless,

Representative Paul Tittl

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From the Manitowoc County Deer Advisory Council

There are 4 seats on the Manitowoc County Deer advisory Council that had no applicant for the next three years.  These seats are the DMAP, Forestry, Tourism, and Transportation seats.  Anyone interested can go to the DNR website at the link below to apply.

DPI Open Comment

The DPI has provided the following notice:

With the adoption of standards for computer science, Wisconsin is one of nine states to have established academic standards for this increasingly important subject area.

Additionally, as part of the ongoing standards review and revision process, public comment is now open on new draft standards in music, science, and information and technology literacy.

For more information:

Additional information is available on the Department of Public Instruction News Room website at

(Text at

DNR Open Comment

The DNR has provided the following notice:

The Department of Natural Resources is currently in the process of preparing an economic impact analysis (EIA) for proposed rules relating to runoff management and non-point source performance standards, and affecting small business.

Solicitation of information for economic impact analysis will be July 7 - August 7, 2017. This relates to runoff management and non-point source performance standards and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) rule revisions to incorporate by reference those performance standards.

Following the public input on the Economic Impact Analysis, the department will hold a public hearing on the proposed permanent rule in fall 2017.

Find instructions on public comment here.

In This Email:

Manitowoc County CDAC openings

DPI Open Comment on music, science, and information technology standards

DNR Open Comment on CAFOs, etc.

Manitowoc County Lakes Association listening session


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Listening session with Pete Tarbowski, Manitowoc County Parks Manager

Thursday, July 27th

6:30 County Office Building; Room 300 4319 Expo Drive

"As many of you know, Pete has been with the Department of Parks and Planning and has been our Shoreland Zoning Specialist.  He will now be assuming additional responsibilities as the County Parks Manager. Pete will now be the point man to respond to virtually all County issues concerning our lakes, including  management needs and park maintenance. Meet with Pete to discuss what you would like to see happening in coming years."

The bimonthly MCLA business meeting will follow.