Chilton Middle School Visit

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    I had another busy week in Madison! On Thursday, 8th graders from Chilton Middle School visited the capitol. They were in town for a capitol tour and got to learn more about Wisconsin politics. It is great to see children interested in the political process. Hopefully they now have a deeper understanding of how the government operates at the state level.

    Thursday was a session day, as well. We debated over 30 bills, passing some exciting legislation that will help move Wisconsin forward. You can see the bills we voted on and their outcomes here

     Next week, we will be in session on Tuesday, November 7th and Thursday, November 9th. I am excited to hear more lively debate and represent you through my votes. Contact me with any thoughts you have on upcoming legislation and tune in to follow the votes.



Representative Paul Tittl

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    On Wednesday, November 1st, Rep. Rob Brooks from the 60th Assembly District hosted a press conference and a meet-and-greet event to promote his new bill.  The bill will allow Tesla to open stores in Wisconsin.

    Tesla anticipates opening in multiple locations to sell to Wisconsin residents and to service vehicles. This bill is a great way to expand the free market and facilitate economic growth.

    Electric vehicles are an emerging market, and this legislation allows Wisconsin to compete with our neighboring states. I was shocked to hear that Wisconsinites have to cross over to Illinois if they want to buy or service their Tesla. Let's bring the business back to Wisconsin.

    Also, Shane Miller (pictured above) had the opportunity to speak at the press conference and give his testimony on owning a Tesla. Shane is from my district and shared insight on the benefits of owning a Tesla along with the challenges faced because Tesla does not operate in Wisconsin. I would like to thank Shane for giving us a first-hand understanding of the situation.

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    Last week, Sen. LeMahieu and I visited GreenStone Farm Credit Services. We were able to meet with staff and give them our take on legislation that may impact them.

    GreenStone is one of America's largest rural lenders, with approximately 24,000 members and 36 branches throughout Michigan and northeast Wisconsin.


What's Happening in Wisconsin?

  • Want to come visit the Wisconsin State Capitol? On Thursday, Nov. 9th from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. there will be an open house! Come for a tour and some fun and visit me while you are here in 219 N.
  • There will be a 100th Anniversary Gala at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Wednesday, Nov. 8th from 6:30-10:00 p.m.
  • November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month. Today, nearly 5.4 million people live with this debilitating disease.
  • November is also National Diabetes Month. In the United States, diabetes is a leading cause of disability and death. 
  • Don't forget about No Shave November! Put the razor down to raise funds and spread cancer awareness. This effort can also help hunters as they brace the cold in hopes of landing a big buck this season!
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     It was a joy to have the 8th grade students join me in the Assembly Chambers. They asked insightful questions and got a taste of what it feels like to be a Wisconsin legislator.


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    Last week I presented Manitowoc Fish & Game with a citation commemorating their 110th anniversary.

    The organization started on October 21st, 1907 and has been dedicated to advancing safe, lawful, and fun hunting and fishing practices in Wisconsin since its inception. 

    Manitowoc Fish & Game has been involved in many community projects, education and outreach efforts, and land purchases that have been instrumental in expanding outdoor activities in our community.

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    Thank you to all those who came out for Drug Take Back day. Wisconsin collected more unused drugs than Indiana and Illinois combined, weighing in at around 60,257 pounds.

    The fight against the opioid epidemic starts in your medicine cabinet, so thank you for taking this step towards a safer, healthier Wisconsin!

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Toll Free: 1-888-529-0025


Community Events

  • Don't forget to turn the clocks back an hour on Sunday, Nov. 5th as Daylight Saving Time ends!
  • Choose life license plates are now available in Wisconsin! Click here to learn more.
  • On Nov. 4th, the Cards for Kids Sheepshead Tournament will take place at the Holiday Inn-Manitowoc. The fundraiser benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • The Valders Vikings Bow & Gun Club is hosting a Deer Gun Sight-In event Nov. 4th-5th, as well as a Sportsman's Rummage Sale on Nov. 4th in the clubhouse at 13431 Rusch Rd.
  • Come see Silver Lake College student Brian Liddle's campus art exhibit! The collection runs through Nov. 27th.
  • Do you know a student that would like to help decorate the state capitol Christmas tree? Find out more!