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Rep. Tittl and Republican Legislators Hold Mental Health Press Conference


Madison: Today Rep. Tittl (R-Manitowoc) and Republican legislators held a press conference to discuss several mental health bills.

“In 2013 during my first term in Madison, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos created a mental health task force and appointed me to it,” said Rep. Tittl. When the task force completed its work, Rep. Tittl explained to Speaker Vos the work was far from over.

In the next legislative session, Speaker Vos created the Assembly Committee on Mental Health and appointed Rep. Tittl as chair. “Today’s press conference continues that important effort,” said Tittl, “and I’m honored to be championing the cause of mental health.”

The bills are designed to make mental health services more accessible. One creates matching grants for mental health clubhouses such as Painting Pathways in Manitowoc. “These organizations provide critical services very efficiently and effectively,” Rep. Tittl said. “I am especially pleased Jennifer Schmoldt, Painting Pathways Executive Director, and Brian Karman made the trip from Manitowoc to speak at the press conference,” Rep. Tittl commented.

A second bill creates funding for non-profit organizations such as YMCA’s and Boys & Girls Clubs to serve children suffering from trauma. A third creates a psychiatry tax credit aimed at encouraging recent psychiatry graduates to practice in Wisconsin, and psychiatrists from outside of the state to move here and help our people.

The final bill updates the psychology statute. Dr. Bruce Erdmann, a psychologist from Madison, spoke concerning the importance and particulars of the psychology bill. The psychology statute hasn’t been revised since 1994,” Tittl observed. “Many things have changed in 25 years.” 

These bills are working their way through the legislative process, and Rep. Tittl hopes all of them make it to the governor’s desk for signature by the end of the year.

Senators Alberta Darling, Kathy Bernier and Devin LeMahieu joined Tittl at the press conference.