January 17, 2018


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Bills to Turn Plastics into Fuel Move Forward

Pass both Assembly and Senate Committees

MADISON– Today, Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) and Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) released statements regarding the committee’s passage of SB 646 and AB 789. The bills pave the way in Wisconsin for pyrolysis and gasification, which are new processes that convert plastics to fuel.

Sen. Cowles stated, “New and innovative technologies like pyrolysis and gasification have the ability to transform plastic waste into valuable commodities such as gasoline. Through these processes, businesses and consumers will have a new, stable and long-term market for their post-use plastics, which means more plastics being reutilized and less going into landfills.”

“By voting the bill out of committee, Assembly legislators have sent a clear and supportive message regarding this new industry,” said Rep. Tittl. “AB 789 is good for both our environment and our economy. It will translate into direct and indirect jobs for Wisconsin families while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and preserving landfill space.”

The bills were recommended for passage by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy and the Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry during two separate hearings today. Pyrolysis converts post-use, currently non-recycled plastics that are being deposited in landfills into valuable commodities like oils, fuels or lubricants. The process is oxygen-free and low emission, and the bills do not alter current Wisconsin DNR or EPA environmental standards. SB 646 and AB 789 are now available to be scheduled for full floor debate in both houses.