MADISON – “Wisconsin is winning in so many areas,” said State Representative Paul Tittl (R – Manitowoc) following Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Tittl enthusiastically supports the Fostering Futures initiative which Walker’s wife, Tonette, presented to the legislature and citizens as part of the address. The initiative focuses on trauma-informed care, which aims to address underlying causes for behavioral issues with children.

“Trauma-informed care gets to the root of why people have problems,” Tittl said.

“Sadly, too many children (and adults too) struggle because they experienced some form of trauma or early adversity,” Tonette explained. “Trauma-informed care offers strategies for understanding what is at the root of their struggle and can help identify more effective solutions.”

“If we were to better understand trauma-informed care, I think we could help more people with mental health issues,” Tittl said. Tittl is also the chairman for the Mental Health Committee.

Tittl also praised the governor’s plan to put more funding into the technical colleges.

“I’m excited that we’re investing in our technical colleges and getting the skilled labor that we are so desperately short of in Wisconsin,” he commented.

A former City Council member and County Board Chairman himself, Tittl also said he approves of the governor’s choice to pursue more funding for local roads.

“I understand the shortfalls of not giving local municipalities enough money to do their roads,” he said. “I like the idea of sending more money back to the local government where it is spent more wisely.”