Repeal of Personal Property Tax Passes Assembly Assembly Bill 191, which I introduced to eliminate the personal property tax in Wisconsin, has passed the Assembly on a bipartisan vote.
Convention of States Resolution Passes Assembly passes AJR 9, calling for a convention of the states to propose amendments limiting the federal government.
Inauguration Day Statement Representative Knodl Begins Seventh Term in State Assembly
JFC Eliminates a State Tax Committee took a historic vote to repeal an entire tax: the state’s property tax.
Foxconn Moves Forward Wisconsin Assembly embraced a generational opportunity to positively impact our state economy. We took the next step in bringing the first LCD manufacturing facility not just to Wisconsin, but to the nation.
Statement on Governor Walker’s Budget Address On Wednesday, Governor Scott Walker released his 2017-19 State Budget proposal and addressed a joint session of the Legislature.
Civil Service Reform Wisconsin Republicans vote for pay increases for state workers and increased job security for veterans.
A Closer Look at Arena Funding My vote is yes on the arena and I fully expect Milwaukee area Democrats to step up, without larding up the proposal, and do their part by voting yes as well. Prosperity should be a nonpartisan issue. Let’s get this done.