Welcome to Representative Jim Ott's Web page

Thank you for taking the time to visit the official website of Wisconsin's 23rd Assembly District! I hope this site provides you with all of the information you need in learning more about your state government and the capitol. It is both a privilege and an honor for me to serve as your State Representative, a position I take very seriously given the amount of trust many of you instilled in me when you voted me into office.I value your views and concerns on various issues and legislation. The feedback which you provide me then helps determine which bills I co-sponsor and how I ultimately decide to vote on them.

In addition to using the website, please feel free to contact my office in Madison. My staff and I will be more than happy to assist you with anything from public policy to setting up a tour of the state capitol building.  I very much enjoy working for you and look forward to hearing from you as we work together in making Wisconsin an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. Thank you again for stopping by!