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Exciting Day at the Capitol

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Monday was Inauguration Day at our State Capitol and I am both honored and blessed to be here representing the 22nd Assembly District. This is the first week of the 104th Legislative Session and Wisconsin is in great shape. With record employment rates, a fully funded pension plan and an end-of-the-year surplus for the 8th year in a row, Wisconsin is working. One of the primary indicators of prosperity is job creation and Wisconsin is leading the way. Our vibrant economy is creating jobs, and not just entry level jobs but family-supporting manufacturing jobs as well. It is extremely rewarding to hear that students, parents and educators are optimistic that graduates no longer need to relocate out of state to find a decent paying job.

With the new session comes new challenges as well as new opportunities. I have been named Chair of the Assembly Committee on Small Business Development. Small Business is responsible in large part for the success of Wisconsin’s economic boom and represents the largest growing share of our economy. I am honored to have been entrusted with this assignment.

In addition to Small Business Development, my other committee assignments are:

  • Assembly Committee on Community Development (Vice-Chair)
  • Assembly Committee on Government Accountability and Oversight (Vice-Chair)
  • Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections
  • Assembly Committee on Corrections
  • Assembly Committee of Public Benefit Reform
  • Assembly Committee on Science and Technology
  • Assembly Committee on Workforce Development
  • Joint Committee on Information Policy and Technology

Serving the 22nd Assembly District

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