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A broken wrist didn’t stop me from voting YES for the middle class tax cut!

Middle Class Tax Cut Bill Heads to Governor Evers

The middle class tax cut is heading to the Governor’s desk where he is expected to veto the measure. It is a middle class tax cut that is specifically designed to cut taxes for people who pay taxes. The Governor ran his campaign on a middle class tax cut, and both houses of the legislature sent him a bill that does just that. A middle class tax cut does not redistribute income and it does not punish job creators. I’m hoping the Governor will keep his campaign promise and sign the bill.

Governor Evers wants the U.S. back into the Paris Climate Accord….Why?

Washington Times economist Steven Moore wrote Who's the Cleanest of Them All, and says the United States is the most progressive country when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. The rest of the world is increasing them; China is the largest polluter, emitting 28% of the world’s carbon dioxide. President Trump was right to pull us out of this poorly thought-out agreement. While the U.S. would be under agreement to reduce carbon emissions, China would not. Not only did the U.S. reduce emissions by .5%, our economy grew by 3%. Moore cites shale oil and natural gas as the reasons we were able to achieve these remarkable successes. Here in Wisconsin, the DNR reports that air quality has improved steadily over the past 15 years.

Prohibiting Minors from Purchasing Vaping Products

Last week I introduced a measure to prohibit minors from purchasing vaping paraphernalia, including vapes and vaping supplies. Current law prohibits minors from purchasing tobacco and products that contain nicotine. Many teens perceive vaping as something that is “cool and trendy.” The harmful effects of children inhaling these chemicals is not yet fully understood by the medical community. We should be taking every necessary step we can to prevent young people from developing dependencies on inhaling these chemicals regardless of whether they contain nicotine or not. The FDA has announced that youth vaping has become an epidemic. Currently, it is legal to purchase vapes and liquids that do not contain nicotine for minors, but this bill would put those items on par with tobacco and other nicotine products.


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