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It's back to school time! Do you know where to stop for buses? Test your knowledge below.


Welcome back to school students! With school buses back on the road, here's a review of when and where to stop, when the stop sign is present. This important exercise will help keep our kids safe since they are at most risk when exiting and entering buses, not actually riding in them.

Human Dignity Act

This week Senator André Jacque and I re-introduced a bill known in past sessions as the “baby body parts” bill. The bill, now called the Human Dignity Act, sets a high ethical standard for research by instituting a ban on the sale, transfer and experimentation on aborted children, as several states have already enacted. The Human Dignity Act also requires the respectful disposition of aborted children’s remains and recognition of their humanity by recording their known gender and disability. This information would be added to existing Wisconsin abortion and birth defect report by the Department of Health Services in addition to other information that a hospital, clinic, or other facility is required to report on for each induced abortion under current law. Documenting any disabilities (such as Down Syndrome) and the gender of aborted children will offer an even fuller understanding of how many little girls and boys are destroyed by abortion in Wisconsin, and the pervasiveness of discrimination due to disability.

The bill will not criminalize fetal tissue research or ban donation as it only applies to tissue from an induced abortion and does not apply to existing cell lines. Several distinguished researchers, including those from the Medical College of Wisconsin, have testified that this legislation will do nothing to stifle legitimate research. This legislation does not diminish the ability to conduct research with embryonic stem cells (derived from in vitro fertilization) or adult stem cells (derived from placental cord blood or adult tissues), or the donation of tissues from those babies who die in the womb (miscarried or stillborn), from any cause other than through an induced abortion attempt.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a representative is giving the unborn a voice. Senator Jacque said quite accurately that “unborn children do not consent to their own destruction."

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