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It's National Dairy Month! Thank you to all our farmers who work so hard for us to enjoy our Wisconsin dairy products!

Budget Update

As most of you are aware, the Legislature has been busy these past few months putting together Wisconsin’s biennial budget. The Governor handed the Legislature a budget in late February that caused quite a stir with most conservatives in the state by spending over $84 billion over the next two years. Leaders in both the Senate and the Assembly called the budget a non-starter. The description was accurate since the Governor’s proposed budget had a structural deficit of approximately $2 billion leading into the next biennium. As soon as the Governor introduces a budget, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) reviews it and makes various changes. Here’s a snapshot update on the various JFC actions thus far:

K-12 Education Spending

In addition to the $600 million increase from the last budget, the legislature added $200 per student this year and $204 per student next year. The legislature also increased special education funding by 22% so the entire education package is worth over $500 million. 

UW System

The Legislature’s proposal freezes tuition for another two years! We also provided an additional $45 million on top of the $100 million from the 2017-2019 budget. Wisconsin has less children entering college age, simply due to the decreased population rate, and the Wisconsin State Legislature has been working on many programs that steer graduating high school seniors into the skilled trades. There is not one skilled profession that isn’t having trouble filling these high-paying jobs.

Health & Human Services

The Legislature’s proposal will provide over $1.6 billion (all funds) to expand access to care and increase affordability. The measure increases Medicaid funding by $200 million. This amount includes increases for Personal Care Workers, Direct Caregivers and increased funding for Nursing Homes. 


Later this week JFC will be taking up the transportation topic that will include finance, local aid, local assistance and the state highway program.

We hope to wrap up a balanced budget by the end of the month and put it on the Governor's desk for approval.


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