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Fair Election Funding

The Assembly passed AB 173, which prevents outside organizations from donating funds to selected local governments in an to attempt to influence the administration of our elections. If funds are offered, they must go to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, who will distribute the funds across the state on a per-capita basis.

This bill would stop situations such as when Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook targeted specific areas in an effort to turn elections. Mark donated $300 million to a third-party organization (CTCL) that offered funds to five liberal Wisconsin cities. Those cities then had to abide by the rules of CTCL in order to keep their money, while disregarding Wisconsin laws.

The integrity of our elections is dependent on this bill so we are hopeful that Governor Evers will sign it. Republicans and democrats alike can see the fairness in this bill.

Getting Wisconsinites Back to Work

Last week the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules voted to reinstate the work search for those collecting unemployment benefits. As of this week, unemployment recipients will be required to submit proof of four work searches per week. This change was made through the administrative rules process and therefore, Governor Evers did not play a role in it. This waived work search was originally set to expire in July.

A bill is circulating to get Wisconsin on board with 22 other states that have opted out of the additional federal unemployment benefits. Currently, the main additional benefit (FPUC) raises the maximum weekly benefit from $370 to $670. The bill will also end PUA, PEUC & MEUC. All of these programs are set to expire in September but we can’t wait until September; Wisconsin businesses are in desperate need of workers NOW so we need Governor Evers to sign this bill ASAP.

Medicaid Expansion

The Assembly gaveled in and gaveled out of Governor Evers’ special session of the legislature to expand BadgerCare (Wisconsin’s Medicaid program). Expanding Medicaid coverage would force tens of thousands of Wisconsinites currently on private insurance to be shifted onto Medicaid. It will also risk lower federal benefits and higher state taxes. If Wisconsin accepts the federal funds, it would be a short-term gain, not a long-term solution.

Unlike other states, Wisconsin does not have any coverage gap between BadgerCare and federal health insurance plans. Currently, everyone who needs insurance has access and choices. Medicaid recipients are limited to only 20 work hours per week to remain on the plan. This keeps those on Medicaid in poverty.

Expanding the program would simply lead to more people on a taxpayer funded government program and more expensive private plans for others. It's a fix for a problem we don't have.

Transgender Bills

Today, I am testifying as a co-author of AB 195 & AB 196 in support of protecting girls’ sports and recognizing a biological distinction between men and women. These bills are about providing equal opportunities for girls and women to compete on a level playing field in sports. The bills create three categories for everyone to compete, as not to exclude transgender athletes. Girls need opportunities for teamwork, leadership and competition, and biology should not exclude them from being able to win. Thank you Representative Dittrich for working so diligently to bring these bills to the floor.

New Grants for Businesses

The Governor announced a new $420 million grant program for businesses that have struggled due to COVID-19. It's called Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant and you can learn more about it by clicking the link. Applications will be accepted though June 7th and the grant offers $5,000 per business. This is another opportunity to help Wisconsin businesses recover.


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