Last week Governor Evers introduced his first budget. Not only does the budget spend more than the state can afford to spend, it raises taxes and creates a new tax on manufacturers and farmers. To start, it would be hard to overlook the obvious; Governor Evers vetoed the middle class tax cut and then the very next week presented a budget with substantial raises for his entire cabinet, who already enjoy six-figure salaries. Even deputy secretaries are getting healthy increases. The budget “for the people” quickly turned into a budget for Governor Evers and his associates. The budget, which the MacIver Institute refers to as a “wish list”, spends about $6 billion more than Governor Walker’s last budget - roughly an 8% increase. Other estimates have the additional spending over $7 billion. 


Governor Evers budget is not sustainable and many leaders have already questioned whether the budget is even a serious document. The budget put forth by Governor Evers is bad for business, bad for taxpayers, bad for school children and bad for Wisconsin. The 1,148-page document contains numerous policy provisions and dozens of spending items that I will not support. The list below contains just a small sampling of items that make the budget unsupportable.

  • Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, along with automatic voter registration
  • In-state tuition for illegal immigrants
  • Eliminates Right-to-Work
  • Forced union dues
  • Reinstates prevailing wage
  • Expands Medicaid
  • Increases government by 1,000 employees
  • Eliminates the School Levy Tax Credit
  • Freezes school choice

Governor Evers is a smart, well-educated man. He is fully aware of the philosophical differences between the legislature and the Executive Branch in Wisconsin. I am truly disappointed that he chose to present a budget that he knew, full well, was a non-starter. He has already threatened to veto the budget if the legislature removes too many of his provisions. I will be working hard to ensure the budget protects the taxpayers while keeping Wisconsin moving forward. I will be providing more information as the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) goes through the details of the budget.


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