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45% of every tax dollar collected in Wisconsin is already spent on education.

The Governor Needs to Return Extra Money to Taxpayers

Late last month, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) announced that state revenues are $451.9 million over projections. Revenues are up mostly due to an increase in tax collections and the increase in revenue is a result of the strong economy. Governor Evers has immediately called a special session to give $362 million of that money to education.

Last summer, the Governor signed an $83.6 billion biennial budget into law. I was one of three representatives who voted no on it. Wisconsin is a high-tax state already. We rank 10th in the country for losing population, and there’s no doubt taxes are a factor. The $83.6 billion budget was $8 billion higher than Governor Walker’s last budget and it included another $800 million for schools. Right now, 45% of all taxes collected in the State is spent on education.

I have asked the question in the past, “when will another billion, after another billion, be enough for the public education establishment?" The governor has given us his answer: never.

Our current budget adequately funds all of our priorities and obligations. It’s time to give the extra money back to those who earned it.

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