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Constitutional Crisis?


By law, I am unable to send updates during the campaign season so you have not heard from me for a few months. During the last few weeks, we have been swamped with election complaints and affidavits. I've also heard from many of you with concerns for your own ballot, which can be tracked here, by providing a full name and birthdate.

I spent some time at the Milwaukee recount and had contact with many of the amazing volunteers who want to keep our elections fair and transparent; something the Milwaukee recount had very little of. There is no doubt that after the filed affidavits and lawsuit, Donald Trump won this election in Wisconsin and several methods of fraud were used to change the outcome.

Between the election and the recount, the exposure of the abuse of our election laws and the willingness to outright ignore the law, has been a wake-up call to many. Election officials telling voters to illegally mark "indefinitely confined" on ballots had to be struck down by the Supreme Court before they stopped, which gave an additional 140,000 people the ability to vote without an ID. That alone has shaken most of us to believe that this was not a fair election.

Clerks finishing ballot envelopes, special voting deputies not used in nursing homes, the inability to see votes at the recount, and ballot harvesting are just a few of the laws broken in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Election Commission, often referred to as WEC, has become a rogue agency. They have misinformed clerks who have divided the state and they need to be reined in. 

Without fair and transparent elections, society will revolt. If this election was fair, why have so many people kept us from reviewing the ballots appropriately? The recount did happen; almost all objections were ignored. I was there and saw it myself. The bullying was meant to do one thing: shut down and intimidate volunteers.

This week, the Trump campaign will be in court on Thursday and Friday. In addition, the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee, on which I serve, will meet this Friday at 10am to discuss the laws that were broken during this election. You may view the election committee hearing on WisconsinEye. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, only those invited will testify at this hearing. In normal circumstances, we would probably have hundreds of testimonies so I guarantee this will not be our last hearing.

I am grateful for the support you have given me, and I promise that we have been working hard to keep up with the latest documents and daily changes. I am doing my best to collect all the phone calls and complaints. If I have missed you or your call, I apologize and hope to catch up soon. I will continue to pursue the fraud that was committed and I refuse to let others cover it up. There has to be consequences to breaking the law. Wisconsinites will not tolerate fraud.

The fight continues…

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