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Dan O'Donnell testifies in the public hearing at the Capitol.

Election Committee Hearing

On Friday, December 11th, the Senate and the Assembly’s Election Committees, of which I am a member of, held a joint public hearing. Talk show host Dan O’Donnell testified at the hearing and his repeated reporting has not fallen on deaf ears. I cannot be satisfied with, and nor should you, the malaise of our current election laws and the Wisconsin Election Commission. This is not over. There will be more hearings and I will continue to expose the lack of election integrity safeguards. Audits and investigations will continue.

WI Supreme Court

On Saturday, December 12th, the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard the Trump Campaign’s voting concerns, focusing on four different issues:

1. Striking ballots using the term “indefinitely confined.”
2. Accepting in-person absentee ballots without written applications.
3. Municipal clerks improperly certifying witness information and adding addresses on incomplete ballots.
4. Illegal “democracy in the park” events in Madison.

Two days later, on a 4-3 vote, the Wisconsin Supreme Court said it was too late to make a decision. Chief Justice Roggensack made it clear, “ . . . a significant portion of the public does not believe that the November 3, 2020, presidential election was fairly conducted. Once again, four justices on this court cannot be bothered with addressing what the statutes require to assure that absentee ballots are lawfully cast.” Justice Ziegler agreed, “Instead of providing clarity, the majority opinion is, once again, dismissive of the pressing legal issues presented.” And finally, Justice Bradley adds, “While sometimes it may be difficult to undertake analysis of hot-button legal issues - as a good number of people will be upset no matter what this court does - it is our constitutional duty . . . I have concern over this court's pattern of indecision because that leaves no court declaring what Wisconsin election law is.” You may read the full case here.

If this decision leaves you angry, I agree because the Wisconsin Supreme Court did not provide any clarity on the law. There is no downside to cheating in Wisconsin. I promise I’ll fight to change that here in Madison, as a legislator and as a citizen. Joe Biden cannot claim victory with so many voting irregularities and the courts refusing to address these issues.

Audit of DWD

To add insult to injury, the report of why so many of you had to wait nine months for unemployment benefits is because Governor Evers’ appointed secretary did not hire enough staff or provide enough staff hours necessary to serve the unemployed. He also did not use current communication methods, such as email or internet, but instead relied on telephone calls and facsimiles. Here is the damning report from the Audit Bureau.
This is not political; it is irresponsible. Wisconsinites were denied unemployment for such a long period of time, that some lost their homes, cars, or ultimately became homeless. It was criminal to those who have paid into the system for years and couldn’t get assistance quickly.

I have much to do in 2021 and look forward to making Wisconsin a better place for all.

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