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The Blue Books are here! If you'd like a copy and reside in the 22nd Assembly District, email me with your name and address and I'd be happy to get one to you.

Choosing Adoption in Wisconsin: A choice we can all live with

Over the course of the past few months, it has been my privilege to work with Senator André Jacque on a number of adoption bills that will help make adoption a more affordable and attractive option, for both the adoptive parents and those who have chosen to put their child up for adoption. Wisconsin is frequently listed as one of the more difficult states for adopting children, and we are working to change that.

AB 263 would streamline the court process associated with adoption, clarify the process for biological parents to consent to adoption, and expand financial aid to out-of-state adoption agencies for services rendered in the State of Wisconsin. We are also working on bills that would allow certain post-adoption agreements between biological and adoptive parents to be approved by the courts, allowing out-of-state residents to adopt a child in Wisconsin.

We can all imagine what it means to a child to become a member of a loving family; we should make sure we are doing everything we can to make that happen.

Protecting the Families of our Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

In a bipartisan effort, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a bill that would require municipalities to pay health insurance premiums for the surviving spouse and children of law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty. With everything law enforcement officers face in today’s dangerous society, it is more than appropriate to make sure their families continue to have healthcare.

Wisconsin's Online Auction Website

Do you know there’s a website Wisconsin counties use to sell their outdated and unneeded items? It’s called Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction. It’s more a transparent way to sell to consumers yet increases bid prices for the counties. Check it out!


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