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First Responder of the Year Awards

Earlier this week, we recognized some of our first responders whose commitment to our communities make our lives so much better. I had the privilege of meeting Logan Dietsche, a Milwaukee Firefighter, who ran into a burning building without equipment to save a life. He is a real life hero. Stopping to say, “thank you” seems so insignificant compared to the magnitude of what they do. I hope we communicated how grateful we are to those who risk their lives for us every day. It was a humbling experience having all these first responders from around the state gathered in the Assembly Chambers.

LAB Audit Report

Last week the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) released their elections audit report. There were several issues brought to light:

  • 48,554 people who marked themselves "indefinitely confined" due to WEC guidance, voted without photo identification or having an ID on file.
  • 17% of clerks were not current on election training for the 2020 elections.
  • Special Voting Deputies (SVD's) were not properly trained.
  • Duplicate, deceased, and felony information was missed by the current voter registration.
  • 45,665 voter records did not match DOT information.
  • Out of 14,710 certificates, 6.9% had partial witness address information, meaning they should have been rejected.
  • WEC issued guidance to clerks allowing them to stop counting and reconvene the next morning.
  • WEC did not report the error rate on any type of electronic voting equipment.
  • 12% of election forms did not include certifying seals or initials.
  • Overvotes do occur with our current election equipment due to creases, ink bleeding or marks on the ballot.
  • WEC did not comply with statutes addressing security-related electronic voting equipment.

Here are some items that were not addressed in LAB’s audit:

  • No physical ballots or ballot scans were examined
  • No tabulators or voting machines were examined
  • No one examined the ballots or absentee certificates in the 5 CTCL cities: Green Bay, Racine, Milwaukee, Madison and Kenosha.

Take another look at the issue as written by the MacIver Institute.

Racine Sheriff's Press Conference

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling held a press conference today pointing out that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) committed felony election fraud by not allowing Special Voting Deputies (SVD's) into nursing homes. In fact, the Sheriff was quoted as saying, "You will see election statute was not just broken, it was shattered by the Wisconsin Elections Commission." You may view the entire press conference and read Dan O'Donnell's piece for more information.

Pro-Life Bill?

Yesterday, I voted against AB6, which represents a step backward from current lawful protection of children born during a failed abortion. The exemption for the mother to be able to kill her child was not something I could consider a pro-life bill.


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